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iTunes Search

Getting Found in iTunes

To talk about promotion, we need to start with what we’re aiming for. And what we’re aiming for is visibility in one primary place: iTunes.

Sure, there are other directories out there, but iTunes is the daddy, the place where probably 90% of your traffic will come from. 

People will find you through the iTunes store and the apple podcast app, or they’ll find you through other Podcasting mobile apps which use the iTunes directory as a base for their own. 

So, being seen in iTunes is important. Now, how do we manage that?

There are two ways to be found in iTunes.

1. Standard Search

This is the ‘google’ approach. Podcast listeners type a topic into the search bar, and iTunes shows the podcasts that it thinks are most relevant. For example, they might search for “Mountain biking”, and iTunes will show all the podcasts on that subject. We’ll go into how it decides that in a little while. 

2.  Catalog browsing

Prospective listeners open up the front page of the iTunes store and start to browse through the listings. iTunes has quite a few ‘featured’ sections on it’s front page. Some of these are on topics which change every day, and some are always there, such as What’s Hot and New & Noteworthy. 

Listeners can also delve into categories to find something new which interests them, such as Comedy, Business or Sport. Importantly, within each of these categories you’ll also see the What’s Hot and New & Noteworthy sections. 

So, the next question is, how do you get visible in either method? How do you get yourself up the search results in iTunes, and how do you get shown within New & Noteworthy or What’s Hot in a category?

That’s a good question…