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New & Noteworthy

Video: New & Noteworthy

What is New & Noteworthy?

New and noteworthy, the mythical place where all your podcasting dreams will come true. Well, that’s what’s touted by many hosts and teachers around the interwebs. 

It’s actually pretty commonly agreed by those with real experience, though, that it doesn’t have as much of an effect as was once thought. 

To explain what it is first: New & Noteworthy (N&N) is a section within iTunes where they list two types of podcasts. 

  1. NEW – Shows which are gaining decent numbers of reviews and subscribers, and are within the first 8 weeks of release. 
  2. NOTEWORTHY – Shows which are gaining VERY good numbers of reviews and subscribers, and which can be of any age. 

So, really it should be called New OR Noteworthy. The new refers to shows within the first 8 weeks of their life, and the noteworthy refers to shows which are getting a lot of hype right now  – ie. lots of reviews and downloads.

But, New AND Noteworthy is a useful way to think too, since they easiest way to get up to the top of the New & Noteworthy listings is to be both. 

You need to be very popular to get into N&N once you’re past your first 8 weeks, but it’s actually relatively easy to crack it within your first 8 weeks. I’ll cover some methods for this in the rest of this lesson. 

Next though, why the myth?