Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free

First 3

Your First 3 Episodes

Okay, here’s the first way we’re going to encourage a good amount of downloads in your first few weeks: launch with more than 1 episode. 

This is a simple one. Create at least 3 episodes, and 5 if possible, so that your podcast launches in the iTunes store with all of them live right at the start. 

The idea here is that people will find your show, and if they like it, they’ll want more.

Say you launch with 5 shows, that means they’ll download all 5 episodes and binge their way through. This multiplies your early downloads by 5 compared to having just one show live – each person downloading up to 5 episodes.

Episode Zero

This is made a bit easier by the fact that it’s normally a good idea to have an episode zero. This episode is right at the start of your podcast, the first episode in the queue, and it introduces yourself and the show. 

Make it short and sweet – tell a little bit about your background, and your aims for the show. Outline what you’ll be covering, keep the topic parameters nice and tight, and tell them why they should care. What will they get from your content? Make sure you’re hooking them in right then and there. 

This is the reference episode, the one everyone will go back to when they find out about your show.

Get that recorded, and that means you only have two real episodes to record to hit your 3.