Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free

Your Network

Using Your Network

First port of call in terms of promoting your podcast at launch seems pretty common sense: your own network. 

It’s amazing how many people fail to use it. 

As we’ve covered, you’re looking for subscribes and reviews to push your show up the search rankings in iTunes. Who better to deliver both than the people that know you and trust you already? 

Building Hype

Prior to launch, start to build a bit of hype. Let you network know that your show is coming. Start to give them sneak peeks of your topic and your plans around a month in advance.

Do an email per week – ask for feedback, questions to answer, topics to cover. Get them involved in developing the first 5 shows, and that’ll make them even more likely to listen when it comes out. 

Request Reviews

Once you release, captialise on that hype and ask them all to dive in there and subscribe. Then ask them to give you an honest review. 

Play by the rules, don’t encourage people to just throw a 5 star review on there regardless – ask them to listen, rate it and give you honest feedback. It’ll still generate reviews and it’ll also give you great suggestions to make your show better. 

Show Them How

One trick here, record a quick video showing how to find your show, how to subscribe and how to rate it, all in the iTunes store. Use a simple screen recorder like Jing and fire it up on YouTube. 

This helps because the iTunes store isn’t easy to navigate for many. Taking the time to record the video also shows them you care, so they’ll be more likely to pay you back. 

Ask for the Favour: Refer!

Next, ask them for an honest-to-goodness favour. This is the right hook, as Gary V says.

You’ve been providing them with great content via your blog, your email, your twitter, your facebook page, whatever platform you’ve used in the past. Point that out in a nice way, and ask for the favour in return:

“I really hope you’ve enjoyed the content I’ve given out over the months. If you’ve found it useful, one way you can say thanks which I’d appreciate so much, is to think of at  least one person who you know would enjoy the show, and pass them the instructtions on how to subscribe.”

It’s amazing how effective that is, and they wont stop with one person. They’ll often tell their entire network. That’s when your message starts to explode.