Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free

External Networks

Using Other People’s Networks

This isn’t a new one, but it’s because it’s effective: use the power of other people’s networks to get the word out. 

The natural way to do this is to interview people in your field. If you interview someone within your niche, then you create some great value for your listeners. 

But, as an added benefit, you tend to stroke that person’s ego just a little bit by featuring them. That causes them to share the episode around their own network, and start to talk about you a whole lot. 

The best part here is that, if they’re in your niche, they’ll likely have an audience which is very interested in what you do. So, it’s a highly targetted group of people, many of whom are likely to subscribe. 

But I Don’t Do an Interview Show!

Okay, perahps you don’t do interviews. It is a bit of a overused format after all, even if it is really effective when done well… That doesn’t mean you can’t use this tactic. 

Instead, try these:

1. Email around people in your niche, and ask their opinions on a pressing question. Then summarise the answers on a show. Let those people know they were mentioned and they’ll often share it around. 

2. Talk about other people’s content – good blog posts, podcast episodes, books, etc. Then, again, let them know, soliciting the referral. 

3. Rather than a full interview, just get a 2 or 3 minute clip of someone prominent, and feature that on your show. Use it as a talking point. This doesn’t turn your show into an interview podcast, but the fact that their voice appears is often more powerful than a simple mention. 

4. Bite the bullet and include an interview every few shows for the first 10 to 20. This will keep your show in a different format for most episodes, but generate some network effects anyway.