Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free


Running a Competition

The final tactic is a way to get a bit more value  from your own network, and also generate a bit of hype more widely. I’m talking about running a competition right as you launch. 

Now, we have to be careful here. Again, don’t break the rules: you can’t offer an incentive to give a 5-star review. But, you can offer incentives to give HONEST reviews. 

Tell your audience you’re so excited to be releasing your Podcast at long last that you just want to share the love, and that means giving away some great value goodies. 

The condition of the competition can be to subscribe and then leave an honest review. The way to run this is to ask entrants to do so, and then to email you a screenshot of their review as they’re leaving it.

You have to do this because you can’t get contact details from reviews, and they also take days to show up. So make sure to include detailed instructions that they should snap the screen showing their review and rating, just BEFORE they hit submit. 

You could also use a plugin to run this which would encourage viral sharing, such as King Sumo. That offers people extra entries if they share the competition link, and that’s how we build the hype more widely. 

What Type of Prize can I Offer?

Of course you might be thinking, “I can’t afford a prize!” Well, firstly even an item worth only £40 or £50 can generate a lot of hype if it’s really relevant to your audience. I had amazing results once from a £25 microphone as a prize – that’s a bargain!

Books also work well, but actually don’t cost much at all. Offer the top 5 books in your niche, and that’ll cost you maybe £30 on Amazon. Again, bargain for the hype you’ll generate. 

Free Prizes

Even if that’s too much, go for something free. One of the things that your audience will value more than anything is your time. That could mean some simple personal attention. 

Can you offer an hour’s free consultancy? Can you offer some free coaching? If you’re not teaching a topic, then you’re probably entertaining instead. Can you offer spots on the show for audience members to come on and join in the fun?

All of these options can be hugely valuable to an audience, while just taking up a little of your time.

Hell, if you just get them on your show, then it’s not even taking up any extra time, it’s adding value to the podcast!

Prize for Everyone

The final option is actually to make something special to give away to everyone. This could be a short e-book, or a digital guide to something in your topic. This can seem really valuable to people, and you can send it to everyone who leaves a review. An honest one, remember!

 This costs a bit of time, but you’ll actually create something you can use for other purposes in future, whether it’s more competitions or as a lead magnet for your email list.