Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free


TuneIn Radio

Now, TuneIn is a slightly unique case. TuneIn Radio is primarily a mobile app which provides access to internet radio, but in recent years they started added podcasts to their catalogue. The app is very widely used for online radio (100million+ downloads on the Google play store alone!) and so appearing in there is just another way to be found by a massive audience of people who use the app.

On top of that, I’m finding that I actually listen to podcasts in TuneIn radio rather than my main podcasting app for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it lets me find new shows quite easily, browsing through the catalogue and playing a few minutes to see if I like them. That’s similar to Stitcher, and I tend to alternate between the two randomly as they both do the job. Secondly it ties into other systems quite well, for example my Sonos speakers.

For reasons known only to them, the crazy guys at Sonos have never made it possible to play your normal apps out to their brilliant speakers. A 5 quid bluetooth speaker can do that, but not a £200 Sonos – no sir-eee. So that means you have to use only services that are supported within the Sonos app. That means TuneIn or Stitcher for me. The Stitcher implementation within Sonos is awful – I can’t seem to find a way to play old episodes of a show, only the most recent – so that means I use TuneIn to play podcasts through my Sonos.

The upshot of this is, I see TuneIn as a worthwhile investment in being found by a huge audience who might not be regular podcast listeners. I also see it as an investment in being easily played, through a variety of technology from an internet radio enabled car to a set of Sonos speakers. So, spend the 5 minutes it takes to submit by following the instructions below.

How to Submit to TuneIN

This is a pretty simple one – TuneIN add shows manually so all you need to do is to email [email protected] with the following details. You should have all of this from earlier submissions to iTunes and Stitcher:

  1. Title
  2. Location
  3. Logo (png/jpg) 1200×1200 and less than 2 mbs
  4. XML/RSS Feed URL
  5. Website address
  6. Genre
  7. Email
  8. Twitter(optional)