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Podcast Directories

Well, is that it? Yes, I believe it is!

At this point at least. 

I know, only 3 places, but they represent the vast, vast majority of avenues through which you’ll be found.

Following your first 5 or 10 episodes, one method which you can consider to further your reach is to make a plan to submit your show to a few new directories every week. These directories will have minimum effect on their own, perhaps contributing a few new listeners each month. But if you build that up over time, you can see how the numbers will stack.

An added benefit, too, is that this will start to build a reputation for your Podcasting website. Links through from decent, relevant directories will help your reputation in the search. That reputation means your episodes will be found more often by people searching around the web for answers to their questions.

I’m certainly not going to re-invent the wheel here – Rob Walsh from Libsyn has created an amazing directory of directories, if such a meta-idea even makes sense! You can find his directory here: Directory of Podcast Directories

I’m afraid Rob’s site’s pretty old fashioned, but it does the job it needs to. The one part he keeps well updated is the directories, so it’s well worth a look.

Make a plan to spend 20 minutes each week to submit to 2 or 3 of these directories. Also, make sure to search around to see if there are any directories specific to your area, eg. The Running Podcast List. A directory specific to your niche trumps a general directory any time!