Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free

Defining your Podcast Purpose

Today we’re looking at the big question: Why Podcast? Without a clear set of benefits in mind, there’s not much point in going any further is there?

Before we can look at why, we really need to think about our context. In a simplified world, shows generally fall into 3 categories. They’re built to:

  • To promote a business, or to make money through the podcast
  • To teach a subject
  • To share your passion about a hobby

Many podcasts combine 2 or all of the above. For example, the Graphic Designer who teaches listeners about cutting edge design tools, while promoting his services. Or, the mad keen mountain biker, talking about his hobby, but making some money on the side through sponsorship.

Whatever your context is, there are always a huge range of options in how you achieve it. Blogging, for example, can achieve all of the above. Social media is a great tool too. And video is always effective, and becoming more accessible every day. So, let’s see why we should choose Podcasting in the first place. What particular benefits does Podcasting bring that makes it worth our time, effort and hard earned cash. 

I probably don’t need to tell you about the benefits of talking about your hobby – if it’s your passion you’ll be doing that already. But, if it’s business or education you’re into, let’s cover the bases and look at all the benefits Podcasting can bring to each.

Video: The Power of Podcasting as a Medium

Introducing Podcraft

If you’re on this course, there’s a chance you might have listened to Podcraft already. 

Podcraft is a podcast run by Colin, the founder of the Podcast Host, and, well….. me, the writer of this course!

Throughout your learning I’ll be pointing you at episodes of Podcraft that might be relevant to what we’re talking about. There will be some overlap – the written material and videos within Podcast Liberation expand hugely on the Podcraft material, but some of the same principles are there.

So, to start us off, you’ll find below two episodes which really delve into the power of podcasting for businesses and educators. If you learn better through listening than watching or reading, then feel free to play them here, or download and listen on the move. 

Or, of course, just subscribe to the Podcraft show and you can get the episodes there.