Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free

Video Tutorial: Your Podcast Aims

First, we’re looking at aims. What is the aim of your podcast? What benefit will it bring to you which makes it worthwhile? 

eg. Drive visitors to your website, promote a product, sell consultancy, build a reputation as a thought leader, make connections with others in your industry, sell advertising

Let’s look at a particular example – a Mountain biking podcast called Mountain Bikes Apart. 

The main aim of the Mountain Bikes Apart (MBA) Podcast is to encourage people to buy the ‘What Mountain Bike’ ebook published by that site.

The secondary aim of the MBA Podcast is to grow the audience of the MBA website, leading to more traffic, and increased advertising revenue.

Another secondary aim could be to meet famous people in the industry – part of the reason for doing it is to talk to the athletes and manufactuers!

If you can tie down your aims now, it makes for much more measureable outcomes, and a much more focussed show. All of that will benefit your listner long term.