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Defining Your Audience

Video Tutorial: Avatars

You might think an avatar is just a big blue alien from a pretty expensive film, but avatars have a much more important function in your strategy.

An avatar refers to the picture you have of your ‘ideal listener’. The ideal listener is the person out there who will get totally fanatical about your content. They’re the ones whose problem you’re solving, who will carry out your primary aim and who will grow to love your stuff and pass it on to everyone they know. 

This picture needs to be real – you need to flesh it out so that it becomes a live person in your mind. Your avatar, your ideal listener, should be as real to you as your friends and family. They should have personality, background, likes and dislikes.

This sounds a little crazy, but it’s amazingly useful, and is worth every minute you spend on it. With a clear avatar in mind, it makes it so much quicker and simpler to create content which is focussed, interesting and on-point for your show. You know exactly who you’re speaking to because you have this picture of a real person in your head. You’re talking to them and you can imagine what they’ll like and what they’ll be bored by. 

Anwer the questions below to flesh out your avatar: