Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free

How Will You Help?

What Are You Solving?

Now that we have an avatar firmly in mind, it’s time to figure out how we’re going to help them. After all, if we want them to help us acheive our aims, then we need to help them first. This leads us directly to our podcast description: the text that sells our podcast and pursuades people to listen. 

To acheive this we’re going to think about the problems that your avatar experiences. What pains do they have that are related to your topic? It’s easy, at this point, to get really general and broad, thinking, “I want to reach the widest audience I can, right?” Wrong. 

You want to get specific. People will only tune in if they know what they’re getting, and they know you’re going to help them. Once you have an audience already, you can think about expanding out, but in the early days you need to niche. 

Let’s look at an example, the Mountain Biking podcast we’ve talked about already. The aims of Mountain Bikes Apart is to help beginners who are looking to get into Mountain Biking. Here are their pains:

  1. The range of equipment is bewildering. Which bike should I choose, and what other kit do I need?
  2. Once I have it, how do I use it, maintain it or upgrade it?

The choice of topics in mountain biking is huge, but this is looking at a specific avatar: someone new to the sport. Their biggest pain, right now, is kit. Help them with that and they’ll be yours forever. This is specific, focussed, but it’s also huge – there’s no shortage of topics here. 

Ok, your turn: what’s really bugging your avatar? And how can this be turned into a podcast description that pursuades them, in zero seconds flat, that they have to listen?