Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free


3. The Co-Hosted Show

A co-hosted show is similar in principle to the solo show, but you have a regular partner in crime on each episode. You and one or two cohosts appear on the show every episodes and discuss one or a number of topics. It carries many of the same advantages, but cancels some of the disadvantages. 


  1. Succinct, one topic – no nonsense, quick intro, then into a conversation about the content, before a quick outro.
  2. Extended, one topic – perhaps a more conversational intro, the hosts catching up and relating recent events, before moving on to the topic. 
  3. Multi-segment – Introduction, then content segment 1, transition, content segment 2, transition, outro. Often this type of show will have regular segments, eg. “What’s new in Cycling This week,” before moving on to the main topic which varies each week. 


  • Similar advantages to a solo show regards speed, control and editing
  • Co-Hosted shows can be very entertaining if the hosts get on well and have good rapport. The conversational style is very engaging. 
  • Shared responsibility for logistics – take turns in the team planning, editing and publishing episodes


  • Co-Hosted shows can tend to go off-topic and ramble if you’re not careful. Especially if the hosts know each other well.
  • Equipment becomes more complicated if looking for good audio quality, but still very achievable.
  • Slightly harder to organise than a solo show since you need to get two or more people together.


  • The Boagworld Podcast – Paul Boag and Marcus lillington have great rapport and providing entertaining and valuable content every time, along with a bit of banter.
  • Freedom Ocean – James Shramko and Timbo read talk entrepreneurship on a weekly show, really bouncing ideas off each other and creating a better show for it.



Co-hosted shows provide probably the best balance of ease of recording, content control and entertainment. If you and a partner can tie down a regular time to record, and stick to it, then this can prove a winner.