Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free


6. Mixed Format

A mixed format podcast simply mixes the formats that have come before in this Lesson.


There can be such a variety of configurations here that I wont cover them all. The following example should give you an example and show what’s possible.

Cycling Podcast – Intro music. Solo introduction, discussing what is coming up on the show. Transition. A 10 minute Skype interview with a racer on team Sky about what it takes to be a pro. Transition. A 15 minute conversation with two regular co-hosts about news in cycle racing that week. Transition. A 10 minute documentary style feature where the host is at an event interviewing amateur cyclists about what training they do before a race. Transition. Solo segment detailing a competition the show is running to win a new bike. Transition. Outro which details feedback and contact information. Outro Music.


  • The big pro is that, as long as it’s not too long, this type of show is super engaging thanks to the variety of content.


  • This take a lot of work. You’re basically producing a number of separate podcasts and piecing them all together into one larger show.


  • The Edinburgh Napier Radio show – something I produced many years ago while still learning my trade, so excuse the quality in some parts!


This is essentially professional radio production. You’ll find this method on the BBC, reaching millions around the country. The variety is hard to beat, offering small chunks of really well produced information, so you can keep your audience’s attention for half an hour or more, but not bore them with just one topic for the whole time. It’s hugely hard work though, so certainly not for the time-strapped podcaster.