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Recording Your First Clip – Video

Recording Your First Clip – Written Instructions

Now that you have your microphone set up, the first job is to do a trial recording. This lets us test our mic and get set for recording a full episode. You’ll do this test by firing up Audacity, and simply pressing the record button.

Actually, there’s one thing to check first, and that’s that you have the right microphone selected.

When you boot up Audacity, have a look at this section of the screen:

Audacity Mic Select

This dropdown is where you choose the microphone you want to record with. Often enough, there is just one option here, but sometimes you’ll find your computer complicates things by registering another mic, even though it’s not plugged in. Suffice to say, if you test the mic by recording something and it doesn’t work, use this dropdown to choose another one, and test again. Keep going until Audacity actually records something!

Using Audacity

Recording button

To carry out your test, we’re going to record with Audacity. When you’re ready to record, just hit the button with the big red circle on it, on the tape-deck section of the screen. Then speak into the mic for 10 seconds, and hit stop (the yellow square button).

If your recording has worked, you should see a sound wave appear on the timeline. If not, then you might see a flat line. If it’s a flat line, just change the mic you have selected, as mentioned above. You’ll soon find the correct one. 

By following these steps you should get your microphone working correctly. Now you can record your podcast!