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Microphone and Recording FAQs

If you have the Choice, USB or 3.5mm?

If you don’t have a microphone to start out with and so have a free choice in what you buy, then go for USB.

3.5mm microphones depend on the soundcard that’s built into your system, and in some cheaper builds they can be¬†really poor. USB headsets by-pass that hardware, though, so you’ll get a more consistent result.¬†

Can I use my Internal Laptop Microphone?

In general, the internal microphone that’s built into your laptop will be really low quality. I’ve never heard a PC-based internal microphone that was up to the task.

Within a mac, however, the internal mics are a lot better. Still not ideal, of course, but they can hold their own in a pinch. If it’s a mac microphone, or nothing, then go for the mac microphone. If it’s a PC microphone or nothing, however, I’d get a headset as soon as you can.

A Final Word on Getting Started

Having said everything above, don’t let ANYTHING stop you starting out in recording. The quality of your show is 90% content and 10% audio quality. That means that your eventual success is all about the practice you get in presentation skills and content creation.

You can upgrade a microphone within one quick purchase, but upgrading your presentation skills takes time and practice. So even if your mic is rubbish, start practicing now!