Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free

Tasks for Today

It’s time to GET IT DONE!

Ok, now you know how – it’s time to hit the record button for real!

In the last lesson you wrote a script, and in this lesson you got your recording equipment set up and tested. Grab that script and let’s start recording. 

Here are my two big tips for your first few recordings.

1. No-one likes the sound of their own voice

I’m going to be harsh here: get over it and stop being a pansy! Forget about how you sound and get it done. This is one of the biggest fears out there, and it’s ridiculous: have you ever had someone say to you, “Man, your voice is weird….”

Of course not.

No-one else knows how you think you sound, and you’ll get used to hearing your own voice over time.

Don’t let the fear get the better of you. 

2. No-one cares if you make a few mistakes

If you fluff some words, just say, “Whoops, I mean…” and continue on. Nothing slows down content creation like perfectionism.

Of course, there’s a balance, you don’t want to fluff every second word. But a few mistakes just make you sound more human and likable. With practice they’ll be much reduced.

Now, go forth and record!