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Video: Recording Locally


interviewing a guestAnother great way to get content for your podcast is to capture it live, in-person. 

This might seem like a bit of an alien concept to some – “What, talk to a peson, in the flesh?” – but it can produce easily the high quality conversations of any method. Talking to someone, in person, is so much more natural than online, and the conversation flow benefits from all of the physical, verbal and visual cues that go with it. Not to mention the quality issues that can hamper Skype calls, and the time-lag, even if it’s small. 

The same contexts apply to this as they do to Skype calls – this may be interviewing a guest, talking with a regular co-host or even another format, like a live roundtable. 

Whatever context you’re in, this section will cover the setup required to record decent quality in-person audio. Let’s get started!

Image Credit: Garryknight on Flickr