Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free

Day 9


Day 9 of Podcasting for Business is all about shiny things!

Today we’re going to look at podcasting kit – equipment that can really help you out when creating your Podcast, making recording easier and improving the quality of your broadcasts.

Alert! This is OPTIONAL

Before we get into this, I want to emphasize: this is most certainly an optional step.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with quick and dirty recordings which get the point across. The chief aim is to get a Podcast out on a regular basis, offering great content to your customers. That doesn’t require great equipment, and people will listen to your average quality recordings through a basic USB mic as long as it’s engaging.

But, audio quality does make a difference, and makes Podcasts much easier and more pleasant to listen to. So, the message is don’t let a lack of this equipment put you off Podcasting. But, if you find the medium is working for you in promoting your business, it’s well worth investing in a few of these things to improve the quality of your output.¬†

So, having said that, let’s check them out!