Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free


Unit Tasks

Let’s define now what setup you’re going to use. What approach are you going to take, and why? You may well have defined some of this within a previous unit, if you’re planning to record via Skype or with local co-hosts. But, often podcasters will require other setups alongside that to record their show.

For example, I use a H4n and two SM58’s for my in-person interview recording, but then record solo segments via my MXL990 condenser mic directly into my H4n. I also often record with my MXL990 and a mixer if I want to do a ‘live’ show to keep editing to a minimum, mixing in the music and effects as I go. So, you can define more than one setup for your initial set of shows, depending on your aims.

One thing, though, keep it simple as possible at this stage. There’s no reason to follow my example there – if you buy a simple recorder and a simple microphone for interviews, then use that for your solo segments too, in the early days. It’ll be more than good enough for that purpose at this stage! 

Deciding on how you’re going to record, and getting this written down now will allow you to go forward with confidence and not second guess your equipment choices in the near future. That way leads to procrastination and ruin, and a whole lot of money wasted on kit!