Podcast Liberation: Set Your Podcast Free

Welcome & an Overview

Video: Welcome to the Course

Welcome to Podcast Liberation!

This course is all about setting your podcast free – getting you out of that trap it’s in right now, and into the public eye. That means going from a complete standing start, right up to releasing your first episode and beyond.

What Will You Be Learning?

By the end of this course you’ll be a published podcaster and ready, plan in hand, to smash out your next 10 episodes.  

We’ll cover every one of the basics, including:

  1. Defining your Podcast
  2. Setting targets to ensure your time is well spent
  3. Planning episodes
  4. Getting Your Equipment together
  5. Setting Up Your Recording Environment
  6. Publishing your Episode
  7. Getting Listed on the Web
  8. Your first two months of promotion

How Does this Work?

There are 15 Lessons in this course, all of which take a short time to complete. You’re free to go through it as slowly or as quickly as you like, but I’d recommend 1 lesson per day.  

Keeping to that schedule means that it’s achievable, it’s structured and it’s effective. Everyone can find half an hour per day, somehow, and it you commit to doing it every day then there’s no way you’ll miss it out. After 15 days you’ll find you’re suddenly a published podcaster!

What’s the Format?

I’ll be using a variety of formats, including text content like this, video tutorials, quizzes and, of course, Podcasts! There’s a Podcast for every day, so you can subscribe to that feed and listen through them as you work through the material. 

I do repeat content across formats because I know that people like to learn in different ways. So, no need to always consume everything. If you like the podcast, listen to that. If you prefer video, then read the intro text and watch the video. It’s up to you. 

Ok, enough admin, let’s get going!