Author Profile: Lindsay Harris Friel

Lindsay wrote and produced the audio drama podcast Jarnsaxa Rising. She wrote the audio drama short Breathless, for 11th Hour Audio Productions, and also wrote and directed the audio drama The Parsonage for them as well. Her MFA in Playwriting from Temple University has not only helped her to write audio fiction, but also with project management for all aspects of podcast production.

While producing site-specific theatre in The Philly Fringe, she got hooked by the way technology helps audiences connect with artists and stories. Projects such as Iron Age Theatre's Fringe Wraiths, The Hear Again Radio Project, and Pig Iron's Pay Up, with its innovative use of sound and choices, re-ignited her childhood interests in radio drama and crafting stories with her cousins on a cassette recorder. She wants to help people make and share imaginative experiences, better.