The Podcast Host


I love podcasts, for so many reasons.

But one of the few problems that arises is that they’re long. And, yes, we like it that way. We love the hosts, we enjoy their content, and we want to listen for 30 minutes, an hour, or more. But, that means that we can only fit so many shows into our lives.

I’m already at a stage where I’m very reluctant to subscribe to a new show. I have hours of content queued up from hosts that I already know and love. Adding another to the mix will just add to the content overload which gives me a little pang of guilt every time I open my podcast app.

The Desire to Try New Content

That’s not to say I don’t want to try new shows – I most definitely do – but I feel the need to test them. Only then can they enter that inviolable sanctum that is my lovingly and meticulously curated subscription list.

The way I’m getting around this issue is by creating something I’ve called Podpacks. Podpacks are curated ‘packages’ of podcast episodes around a particular topic.

Curated Episodes for Discovery

I started collecting these for myself a while back, curating episodes I discovered into particular lists so that I’d have them on-hand, whenever I needed them. This would include the best episodes I found on a particular subject, and mainly from shows that I already listen to regularly.

But, I’ve started to do it too for shows that I don’t subscribe to. If I see an episode on a subject that I want to listen to, but don’t fancy the entire show, I’ll stick it on a curated list. That episode then shows up on that list within my Podcast app. This works great for vetting new shows, too, as I mentioned above. I can easily get a couple of episodes onto my phone, have a listen, and give it the yay or nay for permanent subscription.

Listen to Podpacks from The Podcast Host

Recently I realised these Podpacks might be useful to others, and could actually be a great way to promote new shows. As a listener you can subscribe to a Podpack on this site and you’ll get a range of episodes covering a topic you’re interested in. You’ll get to listen to a range of shows that cover it and perhaps find some great new ones to join your permanent subscription list.

So, from now on, I’ll be curating these lists publically, and will try release new Podpacks as new subjects come to me. You can find the full current catalogue of Podpacks on this site, and I’m starting off with just one to try it out. Hopefully you’re reading this in the future when I have a range of them out!

To get started, choose a Podpack from the selection we have on this site, and subscribe. Get ready for some great focussed content, and to discover some amazing new shows.