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iTunes is still the most popular podcatcher out there. It’s not really necessary now if you’re using an iPhone or iPod touch – both have their own Podcasting app which handles things much more simply (check here for a guide to subscribing on iOS). But, you can use iTunes to manage your subscriptions with an iPod Nano, or to download podcasts ready to transfer to another MP3 player or not-so-smartphone.

The subscribing process is as follows:

  1. Browse through to the Podcast section of the iTunes store, and type "Podcraft" into the search area.
  2. iTunes will then show us all of the podcasts that have the phrase "podcraft" in the description or title.
  3. I look through the list and a ‘cast called, funnily enough, Podcraft catches my eye.
  4. ITunes lists all of the episodes of Podcraft so that I can make sure it’s of interest.
  5. If it looks good, I click the subscribe button and then that podcast is added to my subscribed list.
  6. I decide to add a few more, so search again for another term, and click subscribe on a few shows that catch my eye.
  7. Now, once I click the Podcast section of my own iTunes library, I’ll see all of those podcasts in the list.

Once these podcasts are in the list, iTunes will then check regularly for new episodes – you can set how regularly it will make these checks. The best thing about this automation is that when I plug in my iPod nano, iTunes will synchronise with this device, copying over all new episodes and deleting old, listened to episodes. Next time you’re out and about, your nano will contain only new episodes and you can happily listen away!


Download iTunes to your computer, if you don’t have it installed yet. Click here to download iTunes. Follow the instructions after downloading to successfully install iTunes on your computer.


Once you have iTunes installed, find the main screen. There you will see a Search box where you can type in the specific podcast that you’re looking for. For example, type in “PodCraft with Colin Gray”. You have to be specific in searching for the podcast that you want to subscribe to, to achieve a successful search result.


Click the podcast you’re looking for. The podcast page will appear which includes details of the podcast, ratings and reviews, and a Related Podcasts section.


To subscribe to the podcast, select the SUBSCRIBE button which appears in the left side of the screen. You can also choose to Tell a Friend, Share on Twitter, Share on Facebook and Copy Link the podcast by clicking the dropdown list of the SUBSCRIBE button.


After clicking the SUBSCRIBE button, a pop-up button will appear, just select Subscribe to confirm your subscription to the Podcast.


After confirming your subscription, the most recent episode of the podcast will be displayed in your library just as soon as it has finished downloading. Click the Library button to check your library.


Click the PLAY icon to listen to newest episode of the Podcast.