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A Podpack is a curated collection of podcast episodes from a range of shows around the web. Each podcast focusses on a particular topic, and aims to collect the best episodes that cover that topic from any Podcast show currently available. The idea came about thanks to the growing amount of shows out there, and the difficulty in keeping up with them all. It also came about because a lot of shows are quite wide reaching in their subject, and I sometimes wanted a feed which was really focussed on one subject. For a full explanation, check out this explanation of podpacks.

Our Current List of Podpacks

The best of podcasting

The aims of this are two-fold


I want to offer you, the podcast listener, the best information on any topic you can think of, regardless of what show it appears on.


I want to help new and upcoming shows get new listeners by showcasing their best stuff.

As a result, I’m hoping this will help both listeners and podcasters, and I’d love to hear what you think. In the meantime, get subscribing – find a Podpack for to your taste, and hit the subscribe button. Enjoy!