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Podcast Listener Bingo is a fun way to gamefy your listening experience. How many episodes will it take you to get a House?

If you're an avid podcast listener, then you'll know all the quirks and foibles of the medium inside out.

It's often said that no two podcasts are alike. That's true in many ways, but there are a lot of sayings, phrases, and scenarios we come across again and again. This stuff seems to pop up in any type of show, no matter what genre or topic.

With this in mind, we've decided to create Podcast Listener Bingo. PLB is a fun way to gamefy your listening. Or, if you're a podcaster, it might help you avoid some of the crutch phrases, cliches, and other well-used sayings that make your content blend in, as opposed to stand out.

How to Play Podcast Listener Bingo

Keep a copy of your bingo card on-hand any time you're listening to a podcast. Each time you hear one of the sayings, or any of the bonus events, score it off.

See how many podcast episodes it takes for you to get a row of 5. Then, how many episodes it takes for you to get a House. Compete with your friends to see who can get there first.

Here's what's on the bingo card…

  • “Can you introduce yourself, please?”
  • “Ratings and reviews help us to be found”
  • “Apologies for the sound quality on this one”
  • “Sorry the episode is late this week”
  • “I'm curious…”
  • “I'll edit that out”
  • “That's a great question!”
  • “I talk more about that in the book”
  • “The weather is…”
  • “We were talking off-air about…”
  • “I've been meaning to bring you on for a while”
  • “What time is it where you are?”
  • Bonus – The audio cuts out or lags
  • Bonus – You hear a phone ping or alert notification
  • Bonus – Advert for a mattress, food hamper, or socks

This could've been promoted as a drinking game, rather than a game of bingo. However, we felt that would be a bit irresponsible of us.

Just imagine yourself choking down yet another whisky, as enthusiastic entrepreneur guy declares, “that's a great question!” for the 18th time that episode. Torture.

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Looking for More Help With Your Podcast Content?

Alright, obviously this one's just a bit of fun. But if you're keen to avoid your show being a textbook example of Podcast Listener Bingo, here are some resources that might be useful to you.

And if you get a House, be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thepodcasthost 🙂