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Podcasts About Podcasting That Lead by Example

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Not only is this a meta topic area but there’s a lot to cover like industry news, practical tips, interviews with creators and so much more. I want to share a few of my personal favorite podcasts on podcasting. These shows cover content that’s a bit more niche. As I said, this gets meta fast. Ready?

Some OG Podcasts on Podcasting

Before I dive into these niche recommendations, I do want to briefly mention a few very popular shows that are possibly more well-known. They are, like all of the ones in this post, excellent and worth a listen. Their show descriptions are super clear in this list curated by Podchaser, which includes shows like Elsie Escobar and Rob Walsh from Libsyn’s The Feed, Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting, and of course, James Cridland’s Podnews, to name a few. Okay, okay, now onto some indy, storytelling, and business-focused shows.

don't tell me the moon is shining. show me the glint of light on broken glass.

Let’s Hear It for the Indy Podcasters

It’s not easy being the middle child of audio as an indy creator but these shows are made for us and thus can soothe the soul and help improve our audio at the same time.

Better Podcasting

Stephen and Stargate Pioneer (SP) are the epitome of folks in the space helping newer creators. They cover everything from workflow, and industry trends as they apply to the indy creator, tooltips, and personal stories of work-creative life balance. This was one of the first indy podcasting communities that helped me embrace the impact of being an independent creator in the space.

🎧 Start with: Busting Podcasting Myths


Although I’d heard excellent things about Buzzsprout for years, it’s only in the last few months that I’ve been experimenting with hosting on their platform. And the reason I decided to take the plunge then was a direct result of listening to Alban, Kevin, and guest appearances by other passionate creators in Buzzsprout team talk about things that really matter. And they deserve an A+ for their brutal honesty, it’s very refreshing.

🎧 Start with: 80 Pro Podcasting Tips + When To Monetize Your Podcast


A lot of the resources I share in the space are ones that helped me in my own podcasting experience. The Podcast Host blog posts were my gateway into their extensive indy resources, including the PodCraft podcast. The practical tips that Colin, Matthew, and some other members of the team share helped me frame my hobby creator needs and goals in a way that let the stress melt away and the joy shine through. As you may guess, I also then started to work with them writing some of these posts (like this one!) and moderating the new Podcraft community (which, I hope you join us on.)

🎧 Start with: 537 podcasters told us what they care about (and don’t) – here’s the data: Part One of Two

pocket-sized podcasting: a podcast about podcasting

Pocket-Sized Podcasting

And if you’re really time-pressed, tune into Pocket-Sized Podcasting for practical micro episodes that help you build your podcast from scratch in manageable chunks. A few topic examples from these episodes are focused on identifying your audience, selecting your format, podcast name and description, and length of episodes. Pocket-Sized Podcasting’s “aim is to make the entire process of podcasting as simple and accessible as humanly possible.” And it so does!

🎧 Start with: How to Make a Daily Podcast

Podcasting Is Storytelling

Stories are the heart of this medium, no matter what format the shows are. Here are a few that focus on this often neglected aspect of the craft.

Indie AF

It rains smiley faces when I listen to this show because of the host, Sarah Golding. There’s something so magical about her connection to audio dramas and the storytelling that they embody. I’ve only gotten into listening to audio dramas in the past year and yet I love these conversations so much. They feed my soul and I think they’ll do the same for you. They’re honest, creatively descriptive and, not to be redundant, joyful at their core.

🎧 Start with: 001 Shannon K Perry and creating Oz9 – from conception to production and beyond

Grounded Content

Marion Abrams is a skilled and passionate creator, both of client projects and her own. So when she recently posted on Instagram that she was nervous about taking center stage with her own projects for fear of being judged, I applauded. What we do as audio creators is vulnerable and difficult. And the episodes that she carefully creates in this show exist to help with that. Some episodes are story-focused, some marketing-focused (although marketing is a form of storytelling), and others more business-focused. Consider this a buffet for your audio creative soul.

🎧 Start with: What Marketers Learn from Comedy with Charlie Epstein

The Business Side of Podcasting

Some indy creators transition from their own hobby projects into the business side of the space. These shows cover a few niche areas of this creator industry.

Podcast Manager Show

There’s a fine line between podcast editors and managers so if you’re interested in either of these, you’ll gain a lot of insight from what Lauren Wrighton has created here. These episodes are short, practical, specific, and an excellent example of how much opportunity there is in the space.

🎧 Start with: What does a $1k podcast management package include?

Global Podcast Editors

To get a sense of what the audio editing side of the space is like, this show may be of interest to you. This is my own show that stems from live chats we have every two weeks on our YouTube channel. We focus on our business, technical and creative challenges while massaging clients’ audio. And of course, solutions and successes that come out of them.

🎧 Start with: What’s your podcast editing USP (unique selling point…or proposition?)

Becoming Internet Famous

Hailey, Melanie, and Gina of Podcast Production School produce this very insightful show. I must admit that I only found this podcast a couple of weeks ago. But even in this short time, I can see (and hear) the niche that it’s filling. And I’m so glad it exists. The conversations with their students about their origin stories and how they applied the course’s offerings to the podcasting space are rather eye-opening. The sheer range of ways that we can business exist in this medium is clearly highlighted in these conversations.

🎧 Start with: #31: Leveraging Podcasts to Hone Your Message + Perspective with Lauren Caselli


So there you have it, folks, some of my personal favorite niche shows on the space. I’m 100% positive that there are SO many more out there that I’m not even aware of yet. And that’s the beauty of the COMMENT button. Let me know and I’ll be happy to do a follow-up post with some new goodies. Until then, happy listening!

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