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Pods We Listen To: Our Team’s Podcast Recommendations

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Remember bookshops and video rental shops? If the shop was any good, they had a Staff Picks section. I always liked seeing who recommended what book or movie and why. Think of this as our Staff Picks section, the podcasts we enjoy ourselves and recommend to others. We all talk about podcasting quite a lot, and when you know what goes into making something, you tend to have high standards.

So, without further ado, here are some of the #PodsWeListenTo.

Fall of Civilizations

Fall of Civilizations

Stephen says: “I really like Fall of Civilizations Podcast. It looks at the rise, success and fall of ancient civilisations, how we came to find these civilisations and goes really in-depth into how they eventually fell. Very interesting to learn about the history of civilisations you never even knew about, and it’s very well produced.”

We Can Do Hard Things

Allegra says: “I really like We Can Do Hard Things, with Glennon Doyle. I started listening at the beginning of the pandemic because I loved Glennon’s books and wanted the right-now encouragement she offers. I love how she shows all her warts and finds magic in small, simple things.”

Startups for The Rest of Us logo

Startups For the Rest of Us

Colin says: “One of my ‘must listen’ shows is Startups For the Rest of Us with Rob Walling. Learned more from this show than any other, I reckon, and Rob’s always down-to-earth, honest and funny with it. He brings on some great quality guests and always digs into the detail of how they got to where they are.”


Lindsay says: “Neutrinowatch is a generative semi-fictional podcast. It uses dynamic content insertion to adapt each episode in the series daily so that each episode is never the same twice. The dynamic content insertion is seamless, so you can’t tell which parts have been changed until you’re emotionally invested. The show asks questions about the nature of the universe and how we perceive it. It’s a deep-thinking podcast with immersive sound and innovative publishing.”

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Sean says, “Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to Dan Carlin – Hardcore History. The episodes can be 3-4 hours long, and he brings history to life in a way that’s very captivating. It’s a unique podcast, and I highly recommend it!”

In Our Time logo

In Our Time

Stephen says: “I got into In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg before it was a podcast, back in 2006. It was a radio show back then and still is every Thursday. They cover everything and anything, from late poets to the birth of the solar system and even the concept of “self”. Very enlightening and a good podcast to just stick on when doing the dishes or housework.”

The Diary of a CEO

Diary of a CEO

Jacob says, “The Diary of a CEO is a pretty fun way to listen to one successful person interview another successful person about the trials and tribulations of becoming ‘successful’. Steve Bartlett, the host, is a really nice guy. Really honest and, most importantly, asks, sometimes tough questions to answer. It’s a great pod to listen to while commuting!”

Morning Cup of Murder

Morning Cup of Murder

Becca says, “Morning Cup of Murder is a super interesting daily podcast. The episodes are pretty short, so perfect for your journey to work in the morning. Korina talks about true crime stories from all over the world across all time periods AND there are hundreds of episodes, so plenty to keep you going.”

Monocle on Design logo

Monocle on Design

Peter says: “Very interesting topics covered for anyone who’s interested in design. Great production quality from Monocle too, as always. And a good amount of episodes per month for a relatively niche subject – other shows are either discontinued or updated once in a blue moon.”

Event Horizon logo

Event Horizon

Stephen says, “John Michael Godier’s Event Horizon is a podcast about the latest breaking Physics, Astronomy and groundbreaking research into the Cosmos. Including esteemed guests, such as Nobel Laureate in Physics, Sir Roger Penrose, Isaac Arthur from Science and Futurism and the distinguished Professor Avi Loeb, who chairs the Advisory Committee for the Breakthrough Starshot Initiative, to name just a few. Amazing guests, amazing subjects and an amazing presenter.”

3D Escape Room Frequency logo

3D Escape Room: Frequency

Lindsay says, “3D Escape Room: Frequency is immersive, binaural audio, so when you listen, you feel like you’re in the room with the participants. They’re trying to solve a mystery and provide clues for the listener. When the listener solves the puzzle, they pick which episode in the series to listen to next. If they’re right, the story continues. It’s a challenging, invigorating series that can keep you up all night if you’re not careful.”

Everyone Hates Marketers logo

Everyone Hates Marketers

Jacob says: “Everyone Hates Marketers… well, it’s hard to disagree with the name right? Marketing can be a dirty word. The host, Louis Grenier, breaks down ethical modern marketing by interviewing some of the best ethical modern marketers today. Louis’ inquisitive and dulcet French tones are a breath of fresh air in a world that is so full of… unscrupulous scamps… that call themselves marketers. Some podcasters cringe at the thought of having to market themselves – but it’s not all about spam emails and junk mail! Marketing is about relationships, solving problems for people, and building audiences. Something the most successful podcasters know a thing or two about.”

True Crime Obsessed

Donna says: “If you don’t have an hour to dedicate to sit in front of the TV and watch Dateline or the latest crime documentary, True Crime Obsessed is perfect because you can do your chores or take a relaxing bath while listening to two hilarious people recount certain true crime documentaries and TV episodes. They are LGBTQIA, broadway fanatics, instantly feel like your besties.”

The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry logo

The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry

Peter says: “The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry is a BBC Radio 4 production podcast, and the production quality shows. As a foreigner, this is quintessential Britishness for me. Super funny hosts that have built an engaged audience. I will, too, be a curio of the week one day! Interesting science topics are explained and showcased in an energetic way. And no ads – thanks license payers!”

Blank Check logo

Blank Check with Griffin and David

Jenny says, “Blank Check with Griffin and David is a podcast where they discuss movies that have just come out but also do mini-series deep dives into directors and discuss each of their movies. I like it because they are always knowledgeable about the movies, directors and Hollywood in general and they are funny, so an episode is never dull.”

How to Take Over the World

Sean says, “How to Take Over the World is excellent, a very accessible way of learning some history. A lot of research goes into these and a very good balance for those who are interested in history but get bored at the site of a historical textbook. It focuses on individuals (or families) who have dominated their domain in order to effectively ‘take over the world’. Caesar, Napoleon, Disney, Steve Jobs etc.”

The Prancing Pony Podcast

Jacob says: “I’ve been binging The Prancing Pony Podcast. Maybe a bit niche… It’s a weekly podcast about Tolkien’s legendarium. Essentially it’s a book club, chapter by chapter, working currently through the LOTR series. Really great fun because I’m re-reading the series now. So it’s like a companion series. It’s a great format idea; you could really do it with any big series. They analyse almost line by line, so it’s great for picking up on little details and even etymology that you might have otherwise missed.”

The Golden House

Lindsay says: “The Golden House is an audio fiction puzzle podcast. On its surface, it appears to be the branded promotion podcast for a scientific think tank in a secluded historical estate. When you find the clues in the text and solve the puzzles, it leads you to another website where you can hear a secret podcast about what this deadly cult doesn’t want you to know. It’s exciting, engaging, and the audience participation makes you want to share it.”

The Last Podcast on The Left

Becca says: “The Last Podcast on The Left is an amazing podcast for anyone interested in horror. The guys talk about everything from serial killers to war crimes and from hauntings to slashers. Not for the faint-hearted, I suppose, but if you’ve got a dark sense of humour and like a laugh, then this is the show for you. ALSO, there are literally hundreds of episodes if you fancy a binge.”

Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur

Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur

Stephen says: “True to form; I’ve another science-based podcast for you. Science and Futurism with Issac Arthur. He is a physicist (with an Elmer Fudd voice which he points out) who explores sci-fi concepts and ideas for the future of humanity. He does this based around natural laws and pushes the boundaries of known physics. Really interesting to learn what could be possible, from Dyson rings and Star lifting to future biotechnology and colonising the galaxy. Very interesting podcast.”

Growth Marketing Stories

Growth Marketing Stories

Sean says: “Growth Marketing Stories is a proper marketing podcast that you’ll want to keep coming back to listen to. With rich stories from experienced marketer Aazar Ali Shad and extracts from the best of his guests. It keeps each episode goal focused with actionable insights.”

Interdependence logo


Andrew says: “I have been listening to everything from Interdependence with Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst. Alumna of the CCRMA at Stanford, her perspectives on music technology have been really inspiring. Web 3 is just emerging, and the interviews with other entrepreneurs in the space have been crucial for keeping pace with the tech.”

Financial Times News Briefing logo

Financial Times News Briefing

Peter says: “I like to get part of my news from podcasts, and I’ve been through a few shows, but I always keep coming back to Financial Times News Briefing. The production quality is amazing; the show is well scripted and keeps me up to date on the latest happenings in the (financial) world. The only drawback to this show: ads. So when it comes to news podcasts, that’s the one I’d recommend.”


Tom says: “I love Victoriocity – a murder mystery comedy set in steampunk Victorian London, where London has expanded to take up most of the UK, and Queen Victoria has been ‘upgraded’ to become a part steam-powered robot. The sound design is top-notch, and it builds up amazing visual pictures inside your head as you listen. And the characters are hilarious – it has a Terry Pratchett feel to it.”

More Podcasts We Love

Just as new podcasts launch every day and old pods improve, we’ll keep adding to this article. There’s always something new to learn from and enjoy in the podcasting world.

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