Survive October with Halloween Podcasts

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No matter how busy your October, you can still celebrate, with a Halloween podcast or two.

October is a busy time. Many say that the first month of the fourth quarter is uniquely hectic, with workers hustling for year-end bonuses. It’s time to start winterizing your outdoor plants and raking leaves.

Meanwhile, your social calendar says it’s the last month for friends, before the Holiday Season requires family.  Folks, I’m here to tell you that no matter how busy you are, you don’t have to get cheated out of Halloween celebration. Here are some Halloween podcasts to inject a little spooky fun into your October. 

Transporting little monsters

You may spend more time than you want in a vehicle, taking kids around to Halloween parties, and running errands. Instead of flipping through the radio stations, try one of these Halloween podcasts. 

Unspookable unpacks cultural myths for children and families. Not only does it include insights from kids, but host Elise Parisian takes a thoughtful and researched approach to explain why these legends may seem scary. Try out the episodes about Ouija boards or Werewolves for classic tales. Or the episodes about Charlie Charlie, or Momo and Media Literacy, to take the fear out of some Internet challenges.

Spooky Troop: The Last Halloween– Tweens with supernatural powers battle a demon to save Halloween. With sound design that’s cinematic in scope, this five episode series can be consumed in parts, or all in a little over an hour. Great for a family road trip to conquer a corn maze.

Autumn chores 

If you’re raking leaves, tying up branches, or helping a neighborhood clean-up, there’s no doubt that the work's lighter with some great listening choices. 

My favorite headphone choice for work listening is the 3M WorkTunesConnect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology. Intended for use with power tools, these headphones provide a comfortable fit and clear sound, whether I’m  using a leaf blower or a vacuum cleaner. You may want headphones which play more breadth and depth of sound

Spooktember– Gavin Gaddis (Standard Docking Procedure, Tuned In, Dialed Up) felt cheated out of Halloween celebrations every year, because he had to work. He did what any self-respecting podcaster would do: he spent September making a daily Halloween podcast about all his favorite cultural touchstones of the season. Wrap up in some cozy nostalgia with episodes about novelty songs and slice-and-bake cookies, or unpack the cinematography and gender theory of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (episode includes explicit language and mature topics).  It looks as though the podcast will focus on holidays in general, as it continues.

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If you enjoy urban legends from around the world, check out Spirits‘ podcast episodes about Your Urban Legends. Listeners send in local cautionary tales, and creepy rites of passage, from everywhere and anywhere. The hosts' funny, upbeat perspective will have you laughing as you shiver. You definitely won't see spaghetti restaurants the same way ever again.

Halloween decorating

Find the oldest sheet in the back of the linen cupboard to make a ghost, and start slicing up egg crates to make spiders. Making your own Halloween decorations is fun because nothing has to look neat, as long as it’s scary. While you’re stringing up cobwebs or carving Jack-O-Lanterns, spare a thought for the haunt crowd, who work at this for a living.  

Haunted Hell House of Horror is a comedy about backstage life at a Halloween Haunt. This Halloween podcast is brand new, so you can get in on the ground floor and tell people you listened when it first started.

If you find yourself getting truly ambitions about your Halloween decorations, The Doom Buggies Spook Show Podcast should be up your alley. Though not specifically a Halloween podcast, it’s “dead-icated” to fans of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. If you need to know how to make Pepper’s Ghost or singing statuary, give this podcast a try.

Last-minute costume design

You scored a party invitation, but don’t have a secret connection to a professional costume designer.  Fear not. While you’re picking through the back of your closets, the recycling bin, and your local secondhand shop, Sewing Out Loud: Halloween Costume Supplies is your Halloween podcast friend. Zede and Mallory share fun costume construction tips that will inspire you without breaking the bank.  As you’re gathering costume ideas,  Stuff To Blow Your Mind: The Costume Made Me Do It explains academic studies about how costumes and masks affect behavior. It’s crunchy food for thought for while you’re deciding what to wear.

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Time to refresh your spirits

If you can, take a moment to sit and watch the leaves change color, while sipping a pumpkin spiced beverage. Or better yet, invite some friends over for warm mulled drinks and chilling stories.  Light some candles, or bring a portable bluetooth speaker outside, while you wait for trick-or-treaters to arrive. For your consideration, here are some Halloween podcast classics. 

The Truth's episode, The Death of Poe explores two American horror mainstays: not only Edgar Allan Poe’s final mystery, but also, voter fraud. 

Each year, Wildclaw Theatre of Chicago produces live radio plays with live Foley, in their show, DeathScribe. All the original works of horror audio fiction are available on Soundcloud.

World Audio Drama Day celebrates modern audio fiction podcasts, on the anniversary of the first broadcast of Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds. 11th Hour Audio continues the tradition with a treasure trove of scary stories. There’s plenty to listen to now, and new ones coming on October 30th. 

Have you been bitten by the podcast bug, yet?

For many podcast listeners, the only remedy is to make a podcast yourself. I don’t suggest this is a cure, but it can certainly lift your spirits. If you’ve ever thought about making a podcast, The Podcast Host Academy can help. We have courses, downloadable resources, tools and community support, plus live Q&As that can help you make something utterly unique. You’ll be able to hear your creation, and say, “It’s Alive!”