If you're actively planning or running an “in-person” event or conference in your niche, then you already know the huge benefits of doing so.

But, now the tech exists for you to amplify those benefits by broadcasting your event to the rest of the world.

And that's something we can help you with here at The Podcast Host.

Our live broadcasting package not only helps you reach a global audience with your event, but it's also a way of creating valuable content to use in the future.

You can recording everything from speaking insights to attendee Vox Pops, and capture them during sessions, breaks or at social sessions.  The resulting material is invaluable for marketing future events for years to come!

So How Does it Work?

We set up a live online audio broadcast from your venue, on the day(s) of your event. It’s small, hassle free, and won’t get in the way.

We schedule and carry out interviews with speakers or sponsors throughout the day, so your event can reach a national and international audience.

We conduct interviews and record ‘Vox Pops’ around the venue during networking breaks.

We edit and produce all the content we record into podcast form for you afterwards.

What are the benefits of this service?

You are able to reach a wider audience with your event on social media with the live broadcast stream.

Your sponsors and speakers are able to promote the broadcast and the event to their own audiences before they are interviewed.

And you can use the recorded podcasts afterwards as promotional material for your next event, or sell them as part of a ‘virtual ticket’.

Testimonial: Chris Marr – The Content Marketing Academy