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How to Become a Confident Podcaster: Hang up Your Hangups

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I was swept along on a wave of adrenaline. Getting the opportunity to talk to an audience about Internet Marketing was both exciting and surprising. As I prepared my slides and organised my thoughts, a creeping feeling of self-doubt crept in.

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Ever had the feeling you shouldn’t be here?

“Who was I to give such a talk?”

“I’m certainly no Internet Marketing Guru!”

“There are far more qualified people than me…”

I almost talked myself out of going. I’m glad I didn’t. I enjoyed the experience and so did the audience. In fact, one of the audience members would become one of my biggest clients.

Imagine for a minute that I’d declined the invitation. I’d be left with the feeling of ‘what could have been’ and I would have missed out on the opportunity to help a room full of people. The thing is – we all have self-doubt. It’s a fundamental human emotion. Even the most confident of people suffer from this.

How to Become a Confident Podcaster: The Series

While everyone has their insecurities, we can’t let them define us. The World is littered with great ideas for fantastic podcasts that never make it out of the starting blocks. The aim of this series is to help you overcome these barriers. I’m not a psychologist, but I’ve shared my perspective on some of the common hang-ups that we all face. I’ve also shared some practical ways to work around these challenges.

My hope is that it gives you a sense of perspective and helps you create the podcast that’s inside you. And, if you’re already podcasting, the advice in this six-part series will help you deliver more engaging podcast episodes.

What We’ll Cover

In this “how to become a confident podcaster” series, we’re going to tackle the concerns often voiced by content creators, old and new.

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But I’m Already Confident! – Just Help Me to Podcast!

Not worried about any of the above, but simply have no idea on how to get started? Here are your next-step resources:

Let’s face it though, few of us haven’t faced the thought when listening back to ourselves that we hate the sound of our own voice. In the next chapter, I’ll deal with this issue head-on, as well as arm you with 5 tips to quickly move past this particular barrier. Let’s get started.

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