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8 Things Only a Podcaster Will Understand

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Are you looking for a quickfire list of stuff you can sort of relate to, before you rush off and get distracted by something else on the internet? Well, let’s get to it. Here’s the ultimate list of 8 things only a podcaster will understand.

1. You try to figure out the audio software you see them using in TV crime dramas

How is it that a TV detective can take a grainy phone call recorded in a kidnap victim’s pocket, and clean it up so much that they know what some guy a mile away in the background had for breakfast that morning? And what software is that they’re even using, anyway?

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2. You constantly judge the reverb in every room or building you’re in

“I sure wouldn’t like to record a podcast interview here!”, you mutter to yourself in a cavern-like toilet cubicle. The next day, you log in to your scheduled podcast interview to see your guest sitting on that very same toilet. “Do I sound okay?”, they ask.

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3. You have an encyclopaedic knowledge of world timezones

How do your friends not even know what time it is right now at 48°52.6′ latitude, 123°23.6′ longitude? You’re still not above those brief panics in Spring and Autumn though, when the clocks start changing.

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listening to a podcast mowing the lawn

4. You have the psychic power to turn on your neighbour’s lawnmower, just by looking at your mic

It’s 2am in December, there’s a foot of snow outside, and my neighbour’s on holiday. But watch this.

<mic on> <press record button>


Yep, there it goes. You know, the funny thing is, they don’t even have a lawn…

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5. You’re very forgiving of 1 star reviews on places like Amazon & TripAdvisor

Back before you were podcasting, you thought all those 1 star reviews you saw came from balanced and reasonable people who just wanted to save you from wasting money, or having a bad experience. Now, you’re not so sure.

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6. You’re constantly checking domain names for your next highly-niche podcast

“So the fixing-the-kitchen-tap-on-a-Tuesday-afternoon-podcast dot com domain is already taken. I could get the dot net, but does that make me sound amateurish? Mind you, it didn’t do any harm with my picking-moss-out-from-between-the-paving-slabs-of-my-garden-path-podcast. I really do need to record some more episodes for that one, now that I think of it.”

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7. You bored everyone you know with your remote recording expertise during lockdown

“… and Zoom isn’t even necessarily the best online call recorder anyway”, you explain to your 95 year old gran, whilst running the weekly family quiz in April of 2020.

You’re riled because you watched some so-called TV presenter earlier that day recording into their built-in mic with their kids running around in the background.

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8. When you see someone wearing earbuds you think about what podcast they might be listening to

“It’s probably something unimaginatively commercial, like Serial. If only they knew I was 804th in New & Noteworthy six years ago in the Picking Moss Out Garden Paths category. I bet they own one of those bloody mattresses. And subscribe to a food hamper.”

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Things Only a Podcaster Will Understand

Well that was fun, wasn’t it? Or did you just read through the entire thing thinking “no, that isn’t me at all, actually.”?

In any case, when I was writing it I had to Google the coordinates for the most remote place in the Pacific Ocean for that timezone bit. By chance, I discovered there’s a place out that way called Disappointment Island. Apparently the British explorer who landed there named it so because “he found the natives to be hostile toward him.” – there’s a nice little factoid to mention in your next podcast episode!

Oh, and that TV crime drama audio software that works like magic. It might just be Alitu, eh?

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