Using Woocommerce to Monetise a Podcast: Setup & Methods Explained

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Use Woocommerce to monetise your podcast by selling products, from digital downloads to online events. Find out how, here!

In a nutshell: Woocommerce allows you to set up a shop on any WordPress site. Then, you can use Woocommerce to monetise your podcast through the sale of products of any kind, including eBooks, premium podcast episodes, subscriptions and memberships, events, or even self-serve sponsorships. Learn how to install Woocommerce and how to create your products, right here.

Woocommerce is one of the most popular selling platforms on the planet. It’s a free plugin for the even-more-popular website builder, WordPress, which probably explains a little of it’s popularity!

With Woocommerce, you can sell virtually anything, from physical products to memberships and subscriptions. But, how can you use Woocommerce to monetise a podcast? Good question! Let’s take a look.

Quick note: the Woocommerce store links, below, are affiliate links, so we get a small commission if you buy, at no cost to you. It helps support the free content we put out, thankyou! The standard plugin is free, though, and we use Woocommerce as a big part of our business, so we’d recommend it regardless.

The Podcast Episode: Woocommerce for Podcasters

If you’d rather listen, I did a full episode of the Podcasting Tools show on this, covering Woocommerce for Podcasters. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts here, Listen on Google Podcasts or grab the RSS feed here.

What is Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is a free plugin from Automatic, the makers of WordPress. It’s an e-commerce platform which, in plain English, means an online shop maker. Once you install Woocommerce, it allows you to add products to your site, and offer them up for sale.

Those products can be just about anything, including:

  • Physical products, like t-shirts, mugs or posters.
  • Digital products, like eBooks, software or podcast episodes
  • Subscriptions, similar to Patreon
  • Memberships, with access to members-only areas on your site
  • Events, from free interview slots to paid multi-person classes

In short, Woocommerce allows you to add an online shop to your WordPress website, so you can sell products related to your podcast, or your other work.

How Do I Get WordPress?

If you have a WordPress site already, then just go to the plugins store and search: Woocommerce.

Find the right plugin, as shown, then click Install > Active. You’re set! It’s that simple.

If you do want to add extra functionality, like subscriptions or events, then you’ll buy plugins to do that from the Woocommerce store. They cost anything from $20 or $30 up to $200, but in many cases they’re worth it! I’ll show you some good ones later in the article.

Wait, I Don’t Have WordPress!

I’m afraid Woocommerce is exclusive to WordPress. But, if you’re not using WordPress yet, it could be worth swapping!

If you’re currently using the website provided by your Podcast Host, then it could be really worth moving it over to WordPress. You’ll get a lot more control, more customisation and the ability to add a tonne of new tools for growth and monetisation. Including Woocommerce, of course!

It’s surprisingly easy to make a brand new website with WordPress:

Learn how to create a WordPress website here

Woocommerce Extensions Worth Buying

Woocommerce itself is free of charge, and it’s possible to run a great store with the standard package alone. But, you can add a bunch of excellent features through the extensions available on the Woocommerce directory.

Here are a few I have used, and others that are worth checking out.

  • Woocommerce Subscriptions
    Offer subscriptions in exchange for benefits, such as shout-outs, early access, or behind the scenes. Some ideas here for Patreon-style benefits.
  • Woocommerce Memberships
    Add this to the subscriptions above, and you can create members-only areas on your website. Add a community forum, exclusive downloads or early access material.
  • Woocommerce Bookings
    Just like Book Like a Boss or Calendly, but on your own site! Run free bookings for interviews, paid bookings for 1-to-1 calls, or paid events, like classes or live tapings.
  • Woocommerce Sensei
    Create online courses using Sensei, and sell access to them via Woocommerce or Subscriptions.

How to Create Your Products

Now that you’ve got Woocommerce set up, you’ll need something sell!

Here are some ideas, with links to articles that show you how:

Need More Help?

As always, if you need any help with this, we’re happy to talk it through in our Podcast Host Academy. We’ve used Woocommerce, plus the Subscriptions and Memberships extensions, for years, to run the Academy itself. It’s always served us well, and we’re happy to share the experience.

Jump into the Podcast Host Academy today and join a live Q&A to talk it through with us. Plus, get access to all of our courses, resources and free music library to help grow your show. Hopefully see you there!