Welcome back to another episode of The Numbers Game! Last week, our discussions focused around the income here at The Podcast Host, with our story, data and lessons sections.

Now, for the second part, it’s the turn of our experiment section and, of course, your homework!

In our experiment, we’re continuing to look at popups! We’re looking at the optin rates from having a generic popup on the site Vs. not having one at all…and the figures are pretty interesting! Then, your task. You’ve created a content calendar, but now we want you to do it with a tool to get even more organised.

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Experiment | Testing Popups: Irritating Your Readers or a Great Source for Optins?

Popups. Popups. Popups. We’ve been talking about them for weeks, but we’ve got some really interesting results to share.

“There’s a common idea that popups are the devil’s spawn. They annoy your readers and make them disappear from your site right away. We want to test that theory.”

The test? We ran a really regular popup for two weeks between the last week of April/first week in May. This was one popup, our generic How to Podcast eBook, which ran after someone had been on the site for 60 seconds.

To give you a report, we were getting between 15 and 20 optins per day during those two weeks, with a few days going well into the twenties. These are amazing figures for us!

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We’d also have five or so signups from other sources as well, for example from forms at the bottom of some of our posts. So, we’re averaging about 18 optins per day during those two weeks that we ran the popups.

Now, since turning them off on May 7 we’re averaging around five a day, which really isn’t great! That’s around a third of the original total, so it’s quite painful to see the figures drop like that. But…it’s worthwhile to test out the stats!

The plan now is to put them back on again, have look at the stats and test the engagement.

Then, we’ll report back on whether it made any difference whatsoever on how many pages people viewed and the length of time they remained on the site.

Task | Get Even More Organised With a Content Calendar Tool

Last time around, we were getting you to sort out a content schedule and organise yourself. You chose a medium (blog, podcast, video) and worked out how many episodes/posts you can get out.

Now, we want you to do that, but with a tool.

The way we do it here at The Podcast Host is through Trello.

“For our major content like blogging, podcasts and videos, it’s great to use a tool like Trello for content management and keeping things organised.”

So, if you aren’t already on it, then get yourself signed up.

Set out one ‘board’ that is going to be your content calendar. The way we do it, is we have different columns for the different stages our work is at. These are: “In Planning”, “In Writing”, “To Edit” and “To Schedule”.

Then, for each task, you can move it through the different stages of the workflow. You put your first ideas into the planning section, and eventually you’ll be on your way to scheduling the content and getting it out there for your audience!

The great thing about Trello is that is its ‘powerup’ extra. If you go to the powerup section, on that board you can find a calendar view. That way, if you add due dates for your tasks (and labels for their status), you can start dragging ideas around that calendar.

It’s organisation made easy.

So there’s your tasks for this week:

  • Sign up to Trello.
  • Get the calendar view on the go.
  • Put all the ideas that you planned out last time into the boards, or even plan ahead another month!

It would be great, once you’ve done this, to take a screenshot of your Trello and stick it onto Twitter! Show us that you’ve created a plan for your content calendar and mention us @thepodcasthost.

What do you think?

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