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5 Lessons Learned At Podfest

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As the promoter of Podfest Multimedia Expo (PME) I have had the privilege of meeting hundreds of content creators via this amazing conference.

Here are 5 Key things about Podcasters and the Medium of Podcasting I have learned as the facilitator of Podfest.


By and large there is a large portion of podcasters that are introverted.

The medium’s intimate nature allows introverts to communicate through their equipment to the world. I found that very interesting, as most public speakers by nature tend to be Extroverted.

The Power of the Niche

The most successful Podcasters tend to be focused within a niche that is starving for content & connection.

Here are a few examples of niche shows that launched out of Podfest and have done really well:

  • The Drone Radio Show
  • The Colon Cancer Podcast
  • Private Club Radio
  • Medicare Nation
  • The Contracting Officer Podcast

Connecting in Person is Crucial

This might sound like a plug for PME17 but, truth be told, content creators are often based out of their homes and rarely meet other creators. I think it’s crucial to attend meetups, conferences and events where other creatives and changemakers congregate. It’s the best way to idea-share, collaborate, and spot trends.

We have seen connections that would have never been possible if the individuals had not come out to attend the conference or meetup.

Monetization is an ever-evolving conversation!

It never ceases to amaze me the different ways podcasters have figured how to monetize their content. There are so many angles you can explore to be paid for your talents.

I have seen podcasters that get paid to be the official broadcasters of conferences they used to be pay to attend. Recently one of our podcasters shared how he is working with magazines in his niche and allowing them to cross sell into his podcast and splitting revenues allowing everyone to make money!


The Podcasting space has truly become an amazing community of Messengers who want to help others through their message. This seems to be the reason why Podfest has become such an amazing community. Over the last 3 years this community of creatives has really come together making a difference in one another’s lives.


Chris Krimitsos is the founder of Podfest Multimedia Expo and has helped countless content creators find their voice and medium! To learn more about Chris and his events visit