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Engaging Episodes: The Powerful Podcasting Series


There’s no getting away from it. I’m going to use the phrase. Brace yourself.... Content is King.

Yes, it is 2016, and no you haven’t just stepped back in time.

The thing is, it's still true. And, of course, if content is king, then Podcasting is the most majestic way to deliver your message. It's the most engaging, the most personable and the most effective medium out there. In a word it's powerful. Or... it CAN be. If done well.

The problem is, it often ISN'T done well.

You may well have the best podcasting voice, the most flashy equipment and a fantastic premise for a show. But, if the content you deliver is poor, lifeless and unoriginal, then even the majesty that is podcasting can't produce that powerful effect.

This series is all about developing engagement with your listener. It's about creating content that compels them to listen, and not just once, but again and again. That's the first step in creating a powerful podcast - getting them hooked. That's when you create true fans.

Says who?

I’m Kev Anderson, and I’m a copywriter and battle hardened marketing professional. I’ve spent 21 years working in Marketing and Publishing and, for over five years, I’ve been an avid podcast listener. I honestly believe that the personal nature of podcasting offers a unique way to talk with an audience.

I won’t fall into the ‘2016 is going to be the year of the Podcast’ trap, but, I do think it will be another year of accelerating growth for podcasting.

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There will be more shows, new techniques, exciting kit and, I believe, a much bigger audience.

Colin asked me to be a featured writer on The Podcast Host largely because he knows I love the medium, but also because of my writing background. He believes that the majority of podcasters could really benefit from the planning, the structure, and the narrative that's more traditionally the writer's domain. And so, here I am, and I'll do my best to please.

I worked closely with Matthew and Colin to come up with a 6 part series, all about the content element of your podcast. You might just be starting out on your podcasting journey, or maybe you’re well on your way to the podcasting hall of fame. Wherever you are, I hope you’ll find the material helpful in creating more engaging, more compelling and more effective podcasts.

Written by:

Kevin Anderson

Kev Anderson is a freelance copywriter and owner of Square Tree Marketing. After a 20 year career in marketing, Kev decided that he wanted to make his living as a writer. Kev’s an avid podcast fan and his favourite podcast is The Self Publishing Podcast. (He’s listened to all 191 episodes!)

January 8th 2016