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How to Get Help With Your Podcast

There are many reasons to get help with your podcast, and many different ways to get it.

Are you feeling stuck? Or just thinking that something's not quite right? In that case, it might be time to get help with your podcast.

There are many ways to do this; in the following guide, we'll talk about each.

Like almost anything else in podcasting, there's no “best” way. You, your situation, your struggles, and your budget, all affect what you need. Podcasting is like one of those puzzle cube games from the 1980s: turn one part, and all the other parts are affected.

First up though, what are some of the potential motivations behind seeking out a helping hand?

Why Get Help With Your Podcast?

There are a few different reasons. In our experience, here are the 3 most common ones. Do any of them ring a bell with you?

You Want to Save Time

All the information you need to get help with your podcast is available online. Unfortunately, so is all the misinformation. Wading through and vetoing everything with a “trial and error” approach can take a long time. And it can be costly, too…

You Want to Save Money

Which brings us on to the next point. You've just stumbled across a Reddit thread from 2014 telling you that unless you buy this $400 mic, your podcast will sound terrible. It might be good to get a second opinion on that!

You Want to Sound Professional

The “trial and error” approach generally involves quite a lot of “error”. For most people, there's nothing wrong with muddling along in the early days, testing and figuring stuff out. But if you're podcasting as part of your business, then you'll likely want to get things as right as possible from day one.

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Best Ways to Get Help With Your Podcast

There's all sorts of things you might need help with. You might be won over to the idea of doing a podcast, but have no idea where to even start. Or, it could be a more specific area you need guidance on – like equipment or editing. Perhaps you've been running a show for a while now, but feel that it's gone a little stagnant. Do you just need help getting back on track?

Whatever it is you need, here are the various avenues you can explore.

Listen to Podcasts About Podcasting

Perhaps the most obvious way to get help with your podcast, is to make use of the podcasting medium.

There are many great podcasts about podcasting out there. Try shows like The Audacity to Podcast, The School of Podcasting, The Podcasters Roundtable, and our very own show, Podcraft.

Listening to someone's podcast means you can immediately decide if you think they're worth paying attention to. If it sounds good, keeps you engaged, and answers the many questions you have, then you're on to a winner.

Take a Podcasting Course

Many long serving podcasts about podcasting have hundreds of episodes. Perhaps you simply don't have the time to listen through a large back catalogue of content.

Instead, you might opt to pay in money, rather than time. Taking a podcasting course can cut all the fat, and guide you through everything you need to know in a structured, succinct manner.

There are many courses out there on the market – here are some of our favourites.

Buy a Book About Podcasting

Maybe your brain works best when you're reading. If that's the case, then why not get help with your podcast in those ancient and mystical blocks of wood we call “books”?

Here are the best podcast books to launch and grow your show.

Books don't need to be physical either. In fact, here's a tip for you. Use the search function on our site to find articles answering every single question you have about podcasting. Then, sign up to an app called Instapaper where you can create your very own free “book” to read on your Kindle. Be sure to add in our main guide on how to start a podcast!

get help with your podcast

Join a Podcasting Community

There's two ways you can do this.

Firstly, there are free social media communities. These can be great, but there are some pitfalls to be aware of. They can be busy and noisy places with a lot of chatter to cut through and find what you're looking for. You're also likely to bump into well-meaning but misinformed people, as well as the odd obnoxious know-all. Social media can also be a procrastination trap, so be wary of this route if you're looking to save time.

Secondly, there are paid membership communities (like our own at The Podcast Host Academy). In these dedicated communities you'll exclusively find folks who are serious about their content. This route cuts out the many negative aspects of social media too. On top of that, the community aspect is just one part of the wider offering of any membership site. You also get access to things like courses, live Q&A sessions, and downloadable resources.

Of course, the trade-off is that it'll cost you. You're always faced with the choice of paying either in money, or in time.

Hire a Podcast Mentor

You can get help with your podcast directly from another podcaster. Imagine a veteran: someone who's been there, done in, and made all the mistakes that you won't have to.

Some podcasters offer mentorship as a service. We've talked about podcasts about podcasting already – most of the folks behind those run coaching programmes. Our own one is The Podcast Launch Package.

With this route though, you don't necessarily need to pay someone. You can reach out to a podcaster you admire, and offer your services in exchange for some of their time and wisdom. Do they need some editing done? Shownotes written? Someone to monitor their twitter account? This is a great way to build relationships for cross-marketing and support later on down the road. For more on this, check out Should I Hire a Podcast Mentor?

Keep up with the News

Though this isn't a direct way to get help with your podcast, it's still worth mentioning.

Keeping up with podcasting news and staying informed means you'll become a lot more familiar with the medium in general.

Of course, there's a danger here of constantly getting distracted by things that don't matter. Alcoholic Gerbil Studios has just acquired Prostate Examination Productions for 18.5 trillion! What does this mean for me and my podcast?

Nothing. Literally nothing 🙂

Getting Help With specific Aspects of Your Podcast

It could be that you simply need help with one aspect of your podcast. If that's the case, then let's take a look at some common struggles, and some ways to conquer them.

How to Get Help With Your Podcast Editing

Editing and production – this can be a huge barrier for many podcasters. Very few folks get into podcasting because they want to become sound engineers, after all.

There's 3 main options here. You can learn to do it, you can use a tool to simplify it, or you can outsource it.

If you'd like to learn how to do it, then we have comprehensive courses inside The Podcast Host Academy that'll teach you everything you need to know about the free audio editing program Audacity.

For the “simplify it” option, check out our ‘podcast maker' app Alitu. Alitu is designed to let you produce and publish your episodes without the slightest clue about audio production.

And, if you really want nothing at all to do with the editing stuff, you can simply pay someone else to do it. For this, we recommend Music Radio Creative.

How to Get Help With Your Podcast Equipment & Recording

Whilst you can distance yourself from the production of your episodes, it isn't just as easy to do so with the equipment and recording.

If you're the host of your podcast, you can't really avoid the microphone and the record button.

Fortunately, you can put together a super-basic setup that's cheap, easy to use, and still sounds great.

But if you'd still like more guidance on this front, we have a selection of courses in The Podcast Host Academy that introduce you to the gear side of things. From what it all does, to how to works.

If you have a bit of a budget behind your show, you could also look at hiring a local music or radio studio to record your episodes. You should arrange this so a sound recordist is on-hand. All you'll need to do, is turn up and talk.

Or maybe there's a local podcasters group in your area? If that's the case, you'll probably find someone there who you could hire as a producer, or who'd be prepared to help you out. If you're a handy writer or social media expert you can offer a skills exchange on this front too!

Summary: How to Get Help With Your Podcast

So there are the various reasons you might want to get help with your podcast, and the many different ways you can get it.

The most appealing and practical methods will depend on you, your show, and your budget.

Seeing as you're on the site, you can type in any question you have about podcasting into the search bar. I guarantee you'll find an article about it.

Or, if you'd prefer more tailored help, check out The Podcast Host Academy. There, you'll get access to our courses, live coaching, downloadable resources, and community forums. It'd be great to see you in there!


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October 25th 2019