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does your podcast launch matter

Does Your Podcast “Launch” Even Matter?

For many aspiring podcasters, the podcast launch is the be-all and end-all. But this is one area of podcasting that gets way more attention and work put into it than it often needs. Firstly though, what do I mean by “the podcast launch”? There’s some really important parts to launching a podcast. The planning stages

keep listeners coming back

How to Keep Your Listeners Coming Back

Even if you make a great podcast episode, you can’t always be sure that your listeners are going to stay subscribed. This is especially true for podcasters who get momentary spikes in listens. Maybe they had a great interview guest on who helped promote the show, or maybe someone important talked their show up on

Common podcasting mistakes

Common Podcasting Mistakes: What They Are, & How to Avoid Them

Part of podcast culture right now is the common joke that everyone has a podcast. “Podcasts are easy,” people tend to think. “Anyone can make one.” It’s true that podcasting has a low barrier for entry, meaning anyone can finally get their message out without having to worry about the costs of making a film

How Season Based Podcasting Can Transform Your Content

How Season Based Podcasting Can Transform Your Content

This week, we’re covering something that I talk about a lot: How do we create excellent, useful content on a consistent basis without killing ourselves? This is a really big question. Committing to a content calendar is like jumping on a treadmill, promising to start releasing valuable work, week in, week out, without end. But,

Podcast Every Week for a Year

How to Podcast Every Week for a Year: Keeping it Regular

Okay, so first things first with a short disclaimer. There’s every chance you’ve arrived at this article to head straight to the comments section and tell me that: 1. Podcasting every week for a year is no big feat, and that lots of people manage it. They do, and hats off to them, because it

Getting Series-ous: Revitalise & Sell Your Podcast | #NMEU 2015 Presentation

Talk Transcript The following are my notes from the talk. I’ll replace these with a recording of the whole thing when I can, but my rough notes (the ones I actually used to practice the presentation) will hopefully give you the highlights. Apologies for lack of clarity, bad grammar, punctuation – this is how I

7 storytelling elements

7 Storytelling Elements to Improve Your Podcast

If you plan to incorporate a more narrative style to your podcast, either as a whole or to use vignettes as a portion of the show, it would be really useful to understand the elements of storytelling. When I taught “Analyzing Short Fiction” in college, I’d cover the seven elements of fiction as part of


5 Lessons Learned At Podfest

As the promoter of Podfest Multimedia Expo (PME) I have had the privilege of meeting hundreds of content creators via this amazing conference. Here are 5 Key things about Podcasters and the Medium of Podcasting I have learned as the facilitator of Podfest. Introverts By and large there is a large portion of podcasters that