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Struggling to figure out what kind of podcast you'd like to make, what format to use or how to plan it for success and consistency? We can help, right here!



How to Write a Podcast Script

Podcast Scripting: How Do I Write a Podcast Script?

Podcast scripting is a really personal thing. I know successful hosts that script their whole show, word for word. And I know other hosts that write down the show title and nothing else, ad-libbing from there. Neither way is right or wrong and, in reality, most people go for something in-between. Scripting can be viewed as a…

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finding content ideas and getting the most from every one

Finding Content Ideas & Getting the Most From Every One | Content Stacking #2

Here, we’ll cover how to figure out what to write, and how to get the most from the topic! That means finding the questions people are searching for, and then creating an answer in the best possible way. This is Chapter 2 of our Content Stacking series. Find the introduction here. A big concept behind Content Stacking…

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season based podcasting

Podcasting in Seasons: Revitalise Your Content & Help Your Listeners

Last year I had the privilege to speak in front of a great crowd at New Media Europe about podcasting in seasons. The reception I received on the topic was amazing and, even now, I’m tagged regularly on social media by people who are putting it into action. I talked about how the format works, and how it…

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How to start a podcast

How to Start a Podcast: Every Single Step

This guide holds your hand through every single thing you need to do to Start a Podcast. Including planning for success, top quality equipment, recording, editing, publishing and growth. Let’s begin! Planning Naming Episodes Format Recording Producing Publishing Next… So you want to know how to start a podcast? Great stuff! Our ‘Why’, here at…


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Podcast Launch Series

The Launch Series: from Zero to Live in Simple Steps

Our 3-part Launch series is designed to hold your hand through the entire podcast launch process, from planning your show to making it live on the web. For a step-by-step, in-detail, no-jargon guide to getting your show out into the world, start here!

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How to Easily and Effectively Manage Podcast Guest Outreach

This is a guest post by Marina Barayeva, host of Marketing for Creatives. It’s a podcast for creative entrepreneurs and business owners about how to market a small business. Marina is also a portrait photographer based in Beijing, China. Her mission is to inspire people to do what they love and help to grow it as a…

Launching Your Podcast with an Episode Zero

In podcasting, an “Episode Zero” is the name given to a type of introductory or “pre-launch” episode. It isn’t essential to create an episode zero. But many podcasters do – and there’s a few good reasons why it might be worth considering for your own podcast. Introductions & Expectations The first reason is really to…

Why It Might Be Time to Quit Your Podcast

Unsurprisingly, most of the folks who land on The Podcast Host website are looking for advice on starting and/or growing a podcast, as opposed to stopping one. However, situations do arise that merit quitting a podcast, or even quitting podcasting altogether! So, Why Quit Your Podcast? Here are some popular reasons why you might be…

How To Test Your Audience

As a podcaster, it’s important that you understand what your audience like about your show. What makes them subscribe and stay loyal to you? Once you’ve built your community of listeners, it’s time to test your audience. Test Your Audience Testing is an important tool for keeping that audience and also growing it. You may…

Is It Worth Using Anchor To Make A Podcast? Review

Starting a Podcast from scratch may seem like a logistical nightmare but there are several apps out there designed to help you create your own piece of work in no time at all. One such app is Anchor. Designed as a really simple, basic way to create a podcast, Anchor allows you to download their…

The Podcast Interview Booking Tool You Need: Book Like a Boss Review

In this article I want to show you how to use a booking and calendar tool to make podcast interviews far easier and quicker to manage. This is one part of the podcast software puzzle that a lot of people miss, in their rush for recording apps and editing tools. But, if you want to…

Should I Start Multiple Podcasts?

Most aspiring podcasters don’t just come up with one single idea for a podcast series. It’s a creative medium after all. Audio has limitless possibilities, and here’s also no gatekeepers to tell you what you can and can’t put out there. So, instead of just running one podcast, why not two or three? Many podcasters…

Should I Batch My Podcast Episodes?

In recent years “batching” has become a household term in the podcasting realm. Batching is a productivity method. The concept is basically that it’s more efficient to create multiple episodes in one session than it is to create individual episodes in multiple sessions. It’s hard to argue with that. If you’re setting up and preparing…

Project Management for Startups, Founders & Creators

I was recently asked along to the Youpreneur Summit to talk about achieving your goals. To me, that means getting things done. Making progress. Being productive. It feels a bit weird to me, because there are plenty of days when I don’t feel very productive. I’m definitely no stranger to the resistance. This article is…

From The Studio to The Stage: Taking Your Live Podcast to The Next Level

By Jay Connor On Oscar night, “Moonlight” wasn’t the only big winner. As I bore witness to the cast of “La La Land” fumbling through their ill-fated acceptance speeches for “Best Picture”, from behind my laptop I noticed a pop-up notification for a new email. To my surprise, it was an invitation from South by…


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Alitu: The Podcast Maker

Alitu is a web app that makes podcasting easy. You upload your raw audio, then Alitu polishes it up, adds your music, helps you edit and publishes the final episode.

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