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how to write a blog for prolific repurposing

How to Write a Blog for Prolific Repurposing | Content Stacking #6

This is chapter 6 in my Content Stacking series, all around how to be prolific in your audio, video and text content. Now you know how content creation is going to work. If you’re following the 3-step process we covered in the previous chapter, it’s text first. Then media. Then back to text for the

Blogging to Grow a Media Audience-Content Stacking 8

Blog Posts that Grow Podcast Listeners & Video Viewers | Content Stacking #8

PART 3: PUBLISHING | Introduction Excellent, the hard work is done. Everything up to now has been about planning, creating, recording. Now, you have ‘the piece’. If you’re Stacking, then that ‘piece’ should be in a few parts. It might be a blog post alongside a podcast version. It might be a podcast with a