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What Is Fiverr? and How Can It Help My Podcast?

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What is Fiverr, anyway? In a nutshell:

  • Fiverr.com is a web-based directory of freelance designers, editors, writers, and more.
  • Fiverr can help you podcast by getting help with tasks.
  • Browse and search by task type, level, or service tier to find the best fit for your situation.
  • Check out a few of the Fiverr sellers we’ve worked with.

Podcasting isn’t always a bed of roses. There may be podcast-related tasks that you don’t enjoy, aren’t good at, or simply aren’t the best use of your time. The good news is there’s a veritable legion of people who are good at these things, enjoy doing them, and are willing to help. Fiverr is a site that can help you connect with freelance artists, so you can concentrate on the stuff you do best.

Some people feel like hiring a freelancer is out of their reach. However, once upon a time, you might have thought making a podcast is something that only “other people” do. Now you know you can.

The name Fiverr doesn’t mislead: in many cases, you really can have a task done professionally for as little as $5. But, you can also use Fiverr to have a freelancer accomplish much more, for a reasonable price.

How Does Fiverr work?

Fiverr is as easy as any other online shopping experience. Create a login, and then browse by the task you need. As always, adding a few filters in your search, and checking the fine print, will make it easier. You can choose a lot of different options related to the type of project you need, whether it’s file format or budget.

Levels tell you about each seller’s work history on Fiverr. These levels are pretty simple: Level One, Two, and Top Seller. These criteria show how much work they’ve sold, and that at least 90%  of their work has satisfied customers, for about two, four, or six months. You can keep this criteria in mind when selecting a seller.

Sellers also have different tiers of service they provide; Basic, Standard, and Premium. At the Basic rate, they might charge $5 for a quick task that takes them a short time to finish. At a Premium rate,  they might charge $50-$100 for something more complex, or a batch of similar small tasks. Prices will always vary by the artist’s experience, ability, and time. 

What kind of podcasting services does Fiverr have?

In a word: plenty. If you only type “podcast” into Fiverr’s search bar, you’ll find folks who can do anything from cover art to sound design. Music composition, show notes, editing, transcription, nearly any task that needs doing on your podcast, there’s someone who wants to do it for you.

Here are a few of the services we’ve used, through Fiverr. A quick heads up that our links are affiliates. We’d earn a small commission if you were to buy through them, at no extra cost to you. Rest assured, we only recommend services we’ve been 100% satisfied with, and affiliates help to support all the regular free content we put out on this site.


Some folks feel like this is an extra chore at the home stretch before publishing, and hate losing momentum. However, good shownotes are crucial to converting casual listeners into committed supporters. Here are a couple of writers we’ve worked with, and recommend.  

  • mediasips writes about a wide range of projects. He has 3 years of experience as an SEO expert.
  • mabendroth15 specializes in show notes, tuning her work to each episode, with time stamps and pull quotes.


Your podcast cover art is the face of your podcast; you want to make sure it makes a great first impression. Seeing as your cover art can affect how your RSS feed works in Apple Podcasts, you definitely want to make sure that it not only looks great, but has the right file size and dimensions. We recommend:

  • melhak combines bold graphics with semi-transparent layers, to make cover art that’s intriguing at any size.
  • c7productions combines photos with vector images and text to make eye-catching podcast cover art.
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Editing & Production

Some podcasters feel this is the biggest hurdle to getting content out there. Fortunately, there are a lot of people who really enjoy doing sound editing and production. Even if you do enjoy it, you might need your hands free to work on another aspect of our podcast. Here are two of the sound designers we like:

  • adamglider has been audio engineering for over twelve years, and can take your recordings all the way from raw sound files to polished, mastered mp3s ready for upload.
  • radioorg is perfect for people who are getting started in podcasting and need more production help beyond mixing and mastering. She offers help with making 1-4 episodes, or more.

Summary: What is Fiverr?

So, what is Fiverr? Fiverr can be your go-to resource that helps you stay on track with your content. With the amount of personal investment you put into a podcast, handing the work to someone else can feel scary. Fiverr can help you to podcast, by showing you who can help, what they can do for you, and how.

Need More Help With Your Content?

If you’re new to podcasting and want to learn more, why not join us in Podcraft Academy? We have all kinds of resources to help you learn more, and bring your ideas to life. Additionally, we run weekly live Q&A sessions that can help you with any aspect of planning, producing and promoting your podcast.

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