Podcast Launch Package

Our launch package was created to help you design a podcast with the best possible chance of success, to record and publish it at a professional standard, and to set you up to make it regular, sustainable and profitable in the long term.

How Does it Work?

The launch package is a 4 week programme of training and support, and includes editing and production for your first 4 episodes. It also includes a year long subscription to our Podcast Host Academy to help you grow long term.

The training and support includes one personal coaching call per week, for the four weeks, and live support through a Slack channel throughout. The coaching call is for the big discussions, the big questions, and Slack is used for the small queries and barriers that crop up through the month.

What does the Personal Coaching Include?

Firstly, the package includes a series of personally coached online sessions that cover the following topics:

Podcast Design

This includes one meeting to design and develop the podcast idea. That means figuring out the podcast aims and goals, ideal listener, market targeting and more, all of which lead into the name, description, artwork and branding. This meeting will also cover technical requirements, such as recording space, locations and hosts. These elements lead on to designing a podcast format and recording processes.

Equipment Support

Next, this package includes an equipment purchase list, based on the findings of that initial meeting. We will tell you exactly what you need to buy, and show you how to set it up.

Planning & Recording Support

Training on how to plan out an episode, and how to record it, in whatever context you choose.

Editing & Production

We recommend launching with at least 3 episodes, and with a minimum of 1 in reserve to give yourself a buffer to stay regular, post-launch. To that end, we will edit and produce your first 4 episodes within this package. That includes 4 ‘standard production’ episodes, which includes 5 internal episode edits as directed by you, full audio processing & enhancement, and the addition of any audio branding.


We will advise you on how to publish your podcast, whether it will be public on your own existing website or whether you’d like to create a separate home for your show. That includes podcast hosting and any software required to link that to your own site. We’ll also advise on editing software if you’d like to take on that work yourself.


We will provide you with the finished MP3 files, so that you can publish them on your own website, or wherever you choose to host.

How do the Coaching Sessions Work?

We’ll meet online, using Zoom.us, and we can answer all of the questions you have there, screen sharing to demonstrate techniques if needed. We have a standard syllabus we tend to go through, but it’ll be tailored to your own context, of course. You’ll meet with various members of our team, depending on areas of expertise.

At the start of the 4 weeks, you can book in your 4 coaching calls right away, or you can leave it open to book in a session each week.

How does the Slack Support Work?

We use Slack to offer support in between your calls, incase problems or barriers crop up. We’ll commit to popping into Slack once per day and we’ll answer any questions you’ve posted since we last visited.

If you have any big questions, that need a fair bit of discussion, best to save these until your call for that week, if possible, but Slack can help us get past the little bumps in the road, so you’re never stuck for too long.

Further Support: Access to The Podcast Host Academy

All of our Launch Package clients get access to The Podcast Host Academy for 1 year. The Academy is our extensive membership site, including online courses, resources and a supportive podcasting community. We’ll point you towards training in the Academy to help with your skills growth, and you’ll be using resources and checklists from the academy during your podcasting.

Free to Our Clients
Normal Price: $350/£265

How Does the Podcast Production Service Work?

Included in the package is editing and production of your first 4 episodes, provided they fit into the ‘standard episode’ category (have a look below for a definition). We can add more episodes if needed (costs below).

Our aim is for you to record at least one episode during the 4 weeks, before your final call. This means we can give you some feedback on the episode itself during that last call.

But, the production service can extend out to 3 months if needed, because we know it can take a bit longer to record those first 4 episodes.

Once you’ve recorded all 4 episodes, then you’ll send the files through to us, and we’ll do the production. We’ll edit to your requirements, and send you back the final episode files.

What is a ‘Standard Episode’ or ‘Standard Edit’?

Here’s a normal process – what you might call the ‘standard.’

We can take up to 5 separate audio recordings and stitch them together into your episode. That includes theme music.

We always top and tail each clip as standard – that means taking off the silence, or the extra bits that aren’t part of the show, at the start and end. You just need to have a listen and tell us where each file starts and ends, by time.

We can do extra editing as needed, such as cutting out some parts from inside the audio file. For example, if you make a false start and have to redo a section at 10 mins and 25 seconds in, you can let us know, and we’ll cut it out. All you need to do is give us exact timings of where you want to cut, eg. “From 10 minutes and 25 seconds to 11 minutes and 12 seconds”. We can do these extra internal cuts up to 5 times for each episode.

What does the Launch Package Cost?

Following an initial chat to discuss your own unique needs, we would provide you with a quote.

As we don’t want to waste anyone’s time, it’s worth noting that the minimum price for this service is in the four figures.

To recap, here’s what’s included in The Podcast Launch Package…

  • 4 Week Personal Coaching Programme
    Design your show with us, and learn everything you need to know
  • 4 Weeks of live-chat support in Slack
  • Full shopping list and setup guide for your equipment
  • Full shopping list and guides for hosting and software
  • FREE access to the Podcast Host Academy for 1 year
  • Production of 4 ‘standard’ episodes

What if I Need More Episodes Edited?

We are also happy to take on your further editing requirements, working with you on a regular basis to edit, produce and publish your ongoing episodes. Here, we would provide you with a quote based on your unique requirements.

For ongoing editing, we work on a batching system. That means we take a minimum of a month’s worth of episodes at a time, and edit and produce all 4 (or more) in one batch. On a standard approach, this would mean you planning and recording 4 episodes, then delivering them to us at least 4 weeks in advance of the next publishing date. Eg. 1st Monday of March, so that the 1st episode can go out 1st Monday of April.

We’re happy to discuss custom or hourly pricing for more detailed editing processes or other services.

What if I need more than 4 weeks to Launch?

Our standard package is 4 weeks long, for a few reasons.

1st, it’s totally possible to get it done in that time, even if you’re doing this beside a full time job.
2nd, to do it right, you need to commit to your show, and a tight deadline does this!
3rd, launching is prone to all sorts of fear & procrastination. Again, a deadline solves this.

But…. if you have good reason – and we’ll ask you for one 😃 – we can run this over 8 weeks.

The only thing that changes is the frequency of the calls – once every fortnight – and the amount of Slack support you receive (twice as much time with us – 8 weeks of Slack support).

Want to get the ball rolling?

Contact us and we can take it from there!