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The Podcast Production Directory

Find a Podcast Producer for your Show

Want help with your content? Whether you're after podcast production, mentorship, or shownote writing, you'll find what you're looking for here.

A quick heads up too - we use affiliate links for some of the services we mention below. We have either used the following services ourselves, or know the folks behind them. Buying through our affiliate links would earn us a small commission, though at absolutely no more cost to yourself!  

MRC - Misic Radio Creative Podcast Production TLDR - Just Find Me a Producer!

Music Radio Creative

Post production of your audio podcast episodes can be frustrating and time consuming. The good news is - it doesn’t have to be that way! Outsource your whole podcast production to expert audio producers - with full training in producing professional shows - all you will have to do is record each episode and send MRC the unedited files for further production.

Get an instant quote based on episode length, and number of episodes to be worked on.

OR - go with freelance sound engineer and podcast editor adamglider on Fiverr. You'll get podcast production packages there from as little as $48.

Most people get in to podcasting because they have something to say. They have a message, and they want to share it with the world.

And, though there's more to podcasting than just getting behind the mic and hitting record, all of these other tasks are often seen as necessary rather than enjoyable.

Of all the jobs involved, there are two that seem to cause the most grief among podcasters of all levels of experience.

The Podcast Production Directory

Fed Up Editing?

Whether you call it editing, mixing, or post-production, there are a few reasons why you might dread this stage of making an episode.

Some find it difficult, time consuming, or just flat-out boring.

There's also the question of how much editing do I actually need to do in my podcast anyway?

Even taking a minimum effective editing approach involves opening up the DAW, and just the thought of that can lead some podcasters to procrastination and even "podfading".

Bored Writing Shownotes?

You probably didn't get into an audio medium like podcasting for the thought of sitting knocking out 400-500 word blog posts every other week.

And whilst some podcasters love to write, others could really do without it.

Like editing, there's a range of options available to you when choosing your preferred style of shownotes.

But whether you're writing bullet points or something more akin to a small ebook, they're still going to require your time and attention.

find a podcast producer


You might be tempted to quote the immortal words of Homer Simpson - "Can't someone else do it?"

The good news is that there's a plethora of business and freelancers out there who'll edit, write shownotes, and offer a whole range of other podcasting services on top of that.

Sometimes having too much choice is hard work in itself though, so if you're in the mood to delegate everything, let us point out some options for you.

Podcast Production on Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace where you can get all sorts of help with your podcast. It's a really easy platform to navigate and use too. We've hand-picked a few services for you below. These are affiliate links - we'd earn a small commission if you were to buy through them, though at no extra cost to you!

Podcast Production

Shownotes Writing

Podcast Artwork

Podcast Production Companies

Uberduo UberDuo

Immerse yourself with post-production and podcast audio services from UberDuo

UberDuo offers everything from research services and show notes to audio editing and restoration. Each podcast is unique, so we offer prices based on each client's need. Podcasts run approximately $50-$300 per show, depending on client needs. Turnaround time is typically 2-3 days.

Lower Street Production Service

Lower Street

Lower Street is a premium podcast production and promotion service. Our producers and editors come from backgrounds in podcasting, radio, and post production, and have worked on projects for global brands as well as podcasts for startup founders of online businesses.

Lower Street can help you whether you're looking to streamline your process to save time, improve the sound quality of your podcast, or grow your audience.

Packages start from $499 per month for a weekly podcast. Custom packages available depending on the frequency of your show.

We Edit Podcasts

We support podcasters in making their production process more efficient and cost-effective. The times of struggling with post-recording, expensive transcription and show notes services are over! Give us a chance and see why others, like you, trust us with their podcasts.

We Edit Podcasts offer mentorship, production, transcription, and shownote writing services. Prices vary depending on package, but their basic 'editing only' plan starts at $249 per month for five episodes. WEP's turnaround time is 48 hours.

Podcast Motor

Podcast Editing and Production Services for Self Funded Businesses

We Save you TIME so you can FOCUS on Creating Great Podcasts that will Move Your Business Forward!

Podcast Motor offer mentorship, production, transcription, and shownote writing services. Prices vary depending on package, but their 'Podcasting Essentials' plan costs $499 per month based on a weekly release schedule. PM's turnaround time is one week.

Cashflow Podcasting

Cashflow Podcasting specializes in helping businesses start a podcast that grows their audience, authority and customer-base. Their flagship Podcast Launch Program is a 5 Step done-for-you service where they help you plan, build and launch a podcast in 6-8 weeks.

Then once your podcast is created, set up and launched, they handle editing and show notes for you as well. They have 2 packages starting at $899/month.


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Podcast Rocket Podcast Rocket

Podcast Rocket offers Audio Production and Shownotes with a refreshing twist…

Services are “roll-your-own” customizable, so you pay only for what you need and nothing you don’t. Everything is upfront and transparent — no gimmicky pricing in sight.

Podcast Rocket‘s focus is providing the simplest flat-rate editing service, offering Detailed Editing and Shownotes for $1 per minute. Instead of Monthly Billing, Podcast Rocket also provides one-time orders without a monthly commitment. Finding the right editor is overwhelming, so if you’re new to outsourcing, the option can’t be beat.

Podcast Rocket FAQ

The Podcast Host

The Podcast Host logo Yep, us! Depending on what you're looking for, we might be able to help.

We've worked on dozens of client podcast projects over the years, from the 'weekly grind' up to helping to design, record and produce entire seasons of a company's show. We don't do the former, any more - for week-in, week-out help, look above - but we're definitely interesting in bigger, more complex or more interesting projects.

Here's the kind of thing we do:

    • Design, setup & launch: Helping you get started in a way that gives your show the best chance to be amazing.
    • Batch season production: Need 8 or more eps produced in a batch? We can help.
    • Highly produced podcasting: Looking to put together a set of episodes with narrative, soundscapes, interviews, all intertwined into an amazing production? That's what we do! Check out the sound samples below for an example of our high-level production work.



Recently we worked with a national Solicitor to design, record and launch the first season of their show, 8 episodes in all. We also worked with STV, a UK TV station, to produce a really good narrative-driven podcast as a companion to one of their prime-time TV shows.

We can take on projects with a budget of £1000(~$1350) or above, and our full launch package, including 4 episodes, comes in right around that price.

You can see more details on the service on our production page. Or. if you fancy a chat about it, get in touch by phone or email here.

Sponsored Slots in the Podcast Production Directory

Since setting up this directory, we've had lots of requests from podcast producers to be included. At the same time, we believe that too much choice can be just as bad as no choice at all - that's further reinforced by feedback we get from our audience too.

As a middle ground here we've decided to open up a limited number of sponsored slots in the directory. This enables podcast producers and businesses to advertise on this page, alongside the services we personally recommend.

These paid slots will be marked on the page as "sponsored". The cost is $99 for 6 months.

Sign up for a sponsored slot.

Alitu: The Podcast MakerWant to Automate Your Editing?

It's the future, and now you can have a robot edit your podcast as opposed to an actual human.

With that in mind, we actually went ahead and built such a robot. His name is Alitu, and he's your very own “podcast making” tool. He'll practically build your episode for you.

Alitu is really simple to use, and will take care of the processing, editing, and publishing of your podcast, without the need for any actual editing software.

So whether you’re a complete beginner, or an experienced podcaster looking to drastically cut down on your production time, Alitu could be the answer you’re looking for!

Find a Service You Like?

If you found this roundup and directory useful, and it's helped you to partner up with one of these excellent services, please remember to tell them we sent you 🙂