Leveraging Podchaser to build your network, and grow your Podcast | PodCraft

Podchaser is often referred to as “the IMDb of podcasting”. The company was founded in 2016 with the goal of creating the “ultimate, platform-agnostic podcast database.” On this episode of Podcraft, Colin is joined by founder Cole Raven to talk about the various ways podcasters can utilise Podchaser. The platform enables you to create your

The 10 Commandments of Podcasting | PodCraft

Some might call this a “Pet Peeves” episode, but you can also think of them as “Growth Opportunities”. Are you doing some things that might be costing listeners to drop off and unsubscribe? Or is your show set up in the way that it’s really hard to even find listeners in the first place? Then

Podcast Listening Apps

Podcast Listening Apps – and should you be listening to LESS podcasts!? PodCraft S11 E09

A bit of a bonus episode to bring down the curtain on our Podcast Equipment Series.  You put a lot of work into creating your episodes, so let’s have a chat about where (and how) your end product is actually consumed.  This episode starts with a discussion about why you should consider listening to less

cables and stands

Podcasting Cables, Mic Stands & Pop Filters: the Bits & Bobs | The PodCraft Podcast S11 E06

Cables, stands, jacks, plugs, pop filters – the less glamorous, but still utterly essential part of the podcasting equipment pantheon. It’s common for podcasters to spend three figure sums on both their mic, and their recording device, then link the two together with a cable they’ll spend $5 on. On this episode, we look to