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The Podcraft Podcast

The Podcraft Podcast

Honing the Art of Podcasting

Podcraft is a show all about creating a successful podcast. We cover a new topic, each season, breaking it down and teaching you the ins and outs, in-depth.


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podcast microphones

Exploring the world of Podcasting Mics | The Podcraft Podcast S11 E1

In this episode of Podcraft, we’re talking microphones.  We cover the best microphones for podcasting, and how to choose the right one for you. For the full info, listen to the episode below. Or, you can always read our popular article on the subject: The Best Podcasting Microphones For series 11, we’re looking at your…

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The Podcraft Podcast

How Can You Make Money with Your Podcast? | Podcraft Podcast S5E1

Some people earn a living from their podcast. Others are happy enough just to bring in enough to cover their hosting costs, and perhaps pay for a takeaway every few weeks. Whatever your aims are when it comes to monetization, experienced podcaster, The Real Brian, explores all possible routes in his weekly show Profitcast. On…

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The Podcraft Podcast

Do I Need a Media Host? Podcraft S8E01

Welcome to another episode of PodCraft. This is the show all about podcasting, from podcast equipment to recording skills and everything in between. We’re changing it up a bit this week. Recently we’ve been posting a lot of interviews, but that’s not the case for this episode. The plan is to try and get through a…

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The Benefits Of Running A Podcast

The Benefits Of Running A Podcast | Podcraft 1001

In the first episode of our tenth season of Podcraft we decide to re-evaluate the basics. As a celebration of our tenth season anniversaray, we are re-examining and re-recording the topics we discussed in Season one. Episode one looks at the benefits of podcasting. Benefits Of Podcasting Number 1: Engagement Voice engages audience. This builds…


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podcast equipment

Choosing & Using Podcast Gear

The Podcast Host Academy has a series of courses which take you through the full range of podcasting equipment, from simple to Pro, so you can get top quality audio, every time!

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How to Grow your Audience & Create Great Products through Surveys

In this episode I’m talking to Kennedy and Rob Temple from Responsesuite. Their speciality is using surveys to get your know your audience, and particularly to in using them to create great products or services that suit exactly what your listeners need.  So, if you’ve been looking to grow your listeners, and start using your…

The 10 Commandments of Podcasting | PodCraft

Some might call this a “Pet Peeves” episode, but you can also think of them as “Growth Opportunities”. Are you doing some things that might be costing listeners to drop off and unsubscribe? Or is your show set up in the way that it’s really hard to even find listeners in the first place? Then…

Podcast Listening Apps – and should you be listening to LESS podcasts!? PodCraft S11 E09

A bit of a bonus episode to bring down the curtain on our Podcast Equipment Series.  You put a lot of work into creating your episodes, so let’s have a chat about where (and how) your end product is actually consumed.  This episode starts with a discussion about why you should consider listening to less…

Video & Live Broadcasting | The PodCraft Podcast S11 E08

There are a few good reasons why you might want to broadcast the recording of your episodes live – and maybe even film them too.  Doing live episodes can help build and harness community, as your listeners can feel more directly involved with your content. And the content itself can benefit from that immediate feedback.…

Audio Editing Software for Podcasting | The PodCraft Podcast S11 E07

In this episode we’re looking at Audio editing and production software, commonly know as ‘Digital Audio Workstations’ in the audio production industry. We’ll look at the most common options out there to give you an idea of which one might suit you. A Digital Audio Workstation (or DAW, for short) is simply an audio editing…

Podcasting Cables, Mic Stands & Pop Filters: the Bits & Bobs | The PodCraft Podcast S11 E06

Cables, stands, jacks, plugs, pop filters – the less glamorous, but still utterly essential part of the podcasting equipment pantheon. It’s common for podcasters to spend three figure sums on both their mic, and their recording device, then link the two together with a cable they’ll spend $5 on. On this episode, we look to…

Audio Monitoring | The PodCraft Podcast S11 E05

Podcast listening isn’t exclusive to podcast listeners. Podcasters need to listen to their own audio too – both whilst it’s being recorded, and whilst it’s being edited. We call this type of creator listening “monitoring”, and that’s what we’ll be discussing on this episode of PodCraft. Key Considerations Listen through headphones (even a cheap pair…

Mobile Recording with Smartphones or Tablets | The PodCraft Podcast S11 E4

You most likely already carry an expensive recording device around with you everywhere you go. We’re talking, of course, about your smartphone. In this episode of PodCraft we take a look at the different gear and options available for turning your phone or tablet into a fully functioning podcast studio. Mobile Recording Gear Mentioned Rode…

Do I need a Mixer for Podcasting? If so, Which One? | The Podcraft Podcast S11 E3

On this episode of PodCraft we’re talking Mixers – when and if you might want one. It’s not cut and dry by any means! Let’s look at the arguments. And you can also check out our Best Podcast Mixers roundup if you’re already won over to the idea of getting one. We’ll be mentioning some…

PodCraft – a ‘Start Here’ Guide of Our ‘How to Podcast’ Podcast

Taking you from novice podcaster to confident broadcaster! This podcast is all about the brilliant world of Podcasting – teaching you how to plan, launch, and grow a great show. Brought to you by Colin and Matthew at ThePodcastHost.com – PodCraft takes a structured and seasonal approach that helps you to navigate the entire podcasting…


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