The Podcraft Podcast

Today we’re looking at the different ways you can produce a podcast, including all of the different podcast equipment configurations you could use.

To me, there are 5 levels of kit setup, starting with the low-tech, beginner’s kit, right up to near-professional mixer-based configurations. I’ll go through each one in this podcast and tell you when and where you might want to use them.

The big thing to remember is that no-one jumps right in at the top level. Just about every podcaster out there starts with basic equipment and upgrades as they improve. There are tonnes of great Podcasters who’s started out with nothing more than a laptop and an internal microphone. Now they’re broadcasting to thousands of people and using professional radio-studio style kit.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch through the comments below, or tweet me on @thepodcasthost.

Thanks for listening!

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