The Benefits Of Running A Podcast | Podcraft 1001


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The Benefits Of Running A Podcast | Podcraft 1001

In the first episode of our tenth season of Podcraft we decide to re-evaluate the basics. As a celebration of our tenth season anniversaray, we are re-examining and re-recording the topics we discussed in Season one.

Episode one looks at the benefits of podcasting.

Benefits Of Podcasting Number 1: Engagement

  • Voice engages audience. This builds Trust. Trust sells a product.

Benefits Of Podcasting Number 2: Attention

  • Consumers like to skim read Web. Your Podcast needs to get their attention.
  • You want listeners to listen to your Podcast in the same way they'd watch a long video online.

Benefits Of Podcasting Number 3: Flexibility

  • Listeners need to be able to consume your content on the go.
  • Your audio needs to work around their schedule.

Benefits Of Podcasting Number 4: Social Media

  • Michael Stelzner's Social Media Study
  • Social Media is a busy medium, hard to get your voice out there.
  • Podcasting is still new and there are plenty of topics without much coverage.
  • It's not about having a Blog or Social Media, it's about using it well.

Benefits Of Podcasting Number 5: Different Learning Styles

Benefits Of Podcasting Number 6: Credibility

  • Podcasting is in its infancy, it is achievable to create a popular Podcast.
  • You can be a thought leader.
  • A well made show, with good production will make you sound instantly professional.

Benefits Of Podcasting Number 7: Increase Your Exposure

  • Make your podcast easy to find on Search Engines.
  • Upload your podcast to various platforms.
  • Re-purpose your content for Video platforms.

Benefits Of Podcasting Number 8: Working Your Niche

  • There are always people interested in your niche.
  • When you have customers, they're interested in your offerings.

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