Throughout your Podcasting journey there is a lot of research, learning and experimentation to be done. Nearly all of it is interesting and fun, but one aspect of the podcast setup cycle generally brings every new podcaster down to earth with a bump: Podcast Hosting.

Every podcast needs a home on the web, a website on which it lives and which delivers audio files to it’s listeners. Even if you’re delivering your actual episodes solely through iTunes and not expecting anyone to visit the website, iTunes still needs to draw the audio files from somewhere. It also needs that all important RSS feed which allows iTunes and any other Podcatcher to keep up with new episodes and deliver them to your listeners as and when they are released.

Finding the best podcast hosting for your needs doesn’t have to be complicated though – there are a good few options out there, but they can usually be narrowed down pretty quickly based on your approach.

This episode takes you through the different podcast hosting options and will help you to choose the best hosting setup for your particular context.

What Podcast Hosting Options Exist?

Here’s a quick summary of the different podcast hosting options on the market:

  • Free External Podcast Hosting
    Use a free account on another website to host your Podcasts for you

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    • Low storage (100mb or less)
    • Adverts possibly
    • No support
    • No stats
  • Paid External Podcast Hosting
    Pay another website to host your Podcast for you

    • Good storage
    • Decent stats
    • a bit of support (although still can be dodgy)
    • Your Own URL
    • Can get costly at higher tiers
  • Self-Hosted Podcasting
    Set Up a Podcast Website on your own Web Hosting

    • Full flexibility
      • Design
      • URL
      • Plugins
      • Setup
    • Some technical knowledge required
    • Time investment to maintain the site
    • Cheap if you plan to host a lot of episodes!
  • Managed Podcast Hosting
    Let someone else set up a custom Podcast Website on their web hosting and manage maintenance, extra tools and episode posting for you

    • All the benefits of self hosted, without having to handle the technical details

Let me know what you think!

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