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Farewell to Series 4 & Plans for PodCraft in 2015

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In this short tie-up episode I say farewell to Series 4 and look forward into 2015. It’s year change time and plans are always afoot after all!

The End, But not the End, for Series 4

I hope you enjoyed Series 4 – I certainly had a blast talking to the excellent folks that we’ve had on so far. I know that planning and presenting content is something that’s just not covered as much as other podcasting topics, so it’s an area I want to keep building on in future.

As with all of my series, I’ll add episodes to it as and when I can, and there are a few areas I really want to cover. For example, storytelling is huge in the Podcating world right now, thanks to the success of Startup and Serial, and I have an interview scheduled in already with an expert in the area. I’m hoping to get some insights into how to incorporate storytelling into your podcasts. Check out the Series 4 page to see if it’s already live!

Plans for PodCraft in 2015

One of my goals for 2015 is to keep up a regular content schedule for The Podcast Host, and a big part of that is PodCraft. I want to release at least 4 more series in 2015, and they’re likely to follow a range of formats.

For example, Series 1 and Series 3 covered Beginner’s Podcasting, and Podcasting Websites respectively, and both were solo shows, all short at around 10 minutes long. But then series 4 has been a collection of interviews, all a little longer, and not as many episodes so far.

I’m likely to follow the same format going forward, mixing it up each series. I loved the challenge of putting out a daily podcast with Series 3, but then it’s hard work. I couldn’t do that every time – we’ll see what comes up.

As for topics, I have a range in mind. Monetisation is always a hot topic, and I’ve been collecting some case studies around that which could form the basis for a great series. I also have plans for a set of business case studies, showing how podcasting can work in various contexts. That’ll no doubt come up in 2015 and give us a whole lot of insights which can apply to everyone, no matter what industry.

Anyway, whatever is coming up in series 5, I’ll announce it ahead of time, sometime in mid February. I hope you’ll join me again then.

Don’t go Away!

Of course, there’s plenty of other things going on here. Keep an eye on the blog at ThePodcastHost.com front page, and watch out for announcements via the mailing list.

Also, keep in touch – fire me a tweet at @thepodcasthost or drop a comment on any of the episode pages. Have a good start to 2015 and I’ll see you next month!

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