In this episode, we’re covering crowdfunding. It’s the fashionable way, these days, to start selling a product, but can it also work for something like a podcast? Well, a number of shows have proven it can. Let’s find out how!

A Question for You

Are you crowdfunding your show, do you know someone who is, or are you planning it just now?

If so, please do pop something in the comments below, letting us know how you’re going about it, or how you plan to. I’d love to know!


Entry Level Crowdfunding

  • The Wrestling Podcast
    • We need some equipment!
    • Raise $500 for new microphones
  • The Jerks Podcast
    • Tried to raise 2.5k for a bunch of equipment
  • Tales of a Red clay rambler
    • He’s a potter who interviews other artists and craftspeople
    • $7.5k goal – kickstarter – raised nearly $14k
    • All to fund season 3 of their show
    • They justified their costs very well
      • Travel
      • Equipment
      • Production costs
    • Some very nice listener centric rewards – hand crafted, unique tea-cups, and other pottery from the host, an instructional video fro the host on potting, coaching sessions and seminars,
  • The Media Podcast
    • UK Based – media industry
    • fortnightly shows for a year
    • ¬£9000 goal, and JUST beat it
    • They promised nothing more than more of the same!
    • Rewards included a thankyou on the show, a private media area, advice!, an autumn ball, a tour of the BBC, co-host fun kids, dinner with the producer, Picnic with the host, other unique stuff

Large Show Crowdfunding

  • Radio diaries from Radiotopia – may 2014 –
    • Tape recorders – self created audio biography
    • 40k goal, raised 61k
    • Simply to fund the new season, and up it to bi-weekly
    • rewards include private footage, swag (t-shirts, flash drives…), shoutout, instruction book to create similar, events, and a vintage radio, visit the office and the crew, abvertising, presentation for your company, one to one storytelling mentoring, a personal episode.
  • 99% Invisible
    • Goal of 42k for season 3, and raised $170!
    • 375k for season 4, after a goal of 150k
    • rewards include ver nicely designed things, posters, t-shirts, be a producer for a day, adverts

Charity Crowdfunding

  • Podcasting for Cancer – indiegogo
    • VMWare – techy stuff!
    • One of their community lost family members to cancer, so they started a drive.
    • 5k goal and raised just over 10k
    • The offered advertising, show shout outs, for you to choose a show topic – all virtual or digital
  • Podcasting Puerto Rico –¬†indiegogo
    • This was a school podcasting project
    • 5k goal, and raised 4k, but got it was flexible funding so got it anyway
    • Raising money to travel to puerto rico, interviews around culture and politics
    • Rewards included t-shirts, shoutouts, dinner at the school and CDs.