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Audiobooks, Patreon & Sponsorship to Monetise a Creative Podcast

In this episode I’m talking to Joanna Penn of ‘The Creative Penn Podcast‘ about monetisation methods for podcasting. Joanna runs one of the UK’s longest lasting shows, alongside her hugely successful ‘self publishing’ website: The Creative Penn. Early on she made the decision that the show had to pay for itself, to justify her time away

The Podcraft Podcast

Finding your Voice & Honesty in Content, with Doug Kessler | Podcraft S8E06

Hello and welcome to another episode of Podcraft! This is the show about everything podcasting, from equipment to interview skills and everything in between. We’re taking another break from listener questions this week. This time, to have a chat with Doug Kessler, the Creative Director at Velocity Partners. Doug chats about his role at the B2B

The Podcraft Podcast

Making Your Podcast More Accessible (& Growing Your Audience as a Result!)

On this episode of Podcraft, I’m talking to Nicolas Steenhout from the A11Y Rules Podcast. Nicolas is an accessiblity evangelist, helping anyone he can to improve their online content’s accesibility. I loved his top-line advice around the all-round benefits of being familiar with accessibility: A little time spent learning the basics of accessibility can help

how to turn your podcast into a book

Turning a Podcast into a Book: The Full Process with David Bain | Podcraft

On this episode, I talk to David Bain, a long time and very prolific podcaster, the one I remember most being Digital Marketing Radio. David is also the author of Marketing Now (available very soon on Amazon!), which is a book which had it’s genesis in a podcast.  David is in good company with this


Leveraging Podchaser to build your network, and grow your Podcast | PodCraft

Podchaser is often referred to as “the IMDb of podcasting”. The company was founded in 2016 with the goal of creating the “ultimate, platform-agnostic podcast database.” On this episode of Podcraft, Colin is joined by founder Cole Raven to talk about the various ways podcasters can utilise Podchaser. The platform enables you to create your

be an audience magnet

How to Find Your Niche & Be an Audience Magnet | The Podcraft Podcast

In this episode, we speak with Karen Reyburn, owner of The Profitable Firm, a creative agency for accountants. She talks about the importance of finding a niche, the keys to picking a great niche, and dispels some common myths about niches. Karen has been running her agency for six years, and has always worked exclusively

How to Get More Exposure for Your Podcast | The Podcraft Podcast

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is an area that many podcasters don’t prioritise. We love creating content, but if people can’t find it, then they can’t consume it. In this episode, we talk with Tim Cameron Kitchen from Exposure Ninja, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses generate more revenue from the internet by driving traffic

How to Grow your Audience & Create Great Products through Surveys

How to Grow your Audience & Create Great Products through Surveys

In this episode I’m talking to Kennedy and Rob Temple from Responsesuite. Their speciality is using surveys to get your know your audience, and particularly to in using them to create great products or services that suit exactly what your listeners need.  So, if you’ve been looking to grow your listeners, and start using your

The Podcraft Podcast

Audio Branding and UK Podcasting with Mike Russell | The Podcraft Podcast

It’s time for an in-between-isode, otherwise known as an interruption to normal programming! If you’ve been listening long, you’ll know Series 2 is all about Podcasting equipment, taking you through the audio chain from start to finish. Well, this is a little break from the techie chat, and instead a conversation with the founder of